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  1. So far Marshall is the only one who has won and they actually have legit guards. It’s funny because everyone wants to complain about our conference and how their team should leave for the MWC, Sunbelt, MAC, or the American yet they can’t even win games against these lower level teams! I legit read read on the CUSA FB page Marshall fans upset they haven’t left for the MAC yet and Western fans saying CUSA caters to the west to much and they want to be back in the sunbelt... Maybe if everybody step their game up the conference would be better, but instead they all want to look for the greener pasture. Make CUSA better first!
  2. Southern lost to Longwood UAB lost to Brown Not a good start to post season play for our conference...
  3. I believe rice should have been a 6 seed and somehow got the 12. ODU I thought was a 13 and they got a 14. Even when we get in we get miss seeded all the time.
  4. I believe it’s 64 for the big dance and 32 for NIT but I could be wrong.
  5. 9 women’s teams in post season play!
  6. Well considering CUSA has 5 women’s teams in the NIT I can’t see how they saw the conference as that bad...
  7. How did a top 24 team in the nation get a 12 seed...
  8. We have Alincot and Mark coming back as sophomores next season. We need a good stretch 4. I am unsure what Mohammed has to offer, but hopefully he and Wise filll some holes.
  9. Their fans are also very knowledgeable about the game. You have to at least respect their fan base. If it wasn’t going to be us I was hoping to see La Tech and Western in the finals. Hopefully Western takes it all.
  10. Miller on crutches. We are too beat up. Sad way to end this season.
  11. Can somebody grab an offensive rebound!
  12. Thank God we won the chicken toss to save a little face...
  13. Down 7-2 5 minutes In. We can’t make a thing!
  14. Yeah so their band is in the stands so that’s part of it. They won’t be here during the game. I was talking to them.
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