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  1. A lot of players in many sports are ok being middle of the pack if they love their coach and teammates. Not saying players should choose the coach, but letting coaches go with lightly below 500 records does more damage to good than many teams (in many sports).
  2. Good news is Scott is back. Radio sounded surprised, but win or lose we need to come out healthy.
  3. Radio makes it sound like the his season may be over. Perhaps we shouldn’t play in this stupid thrown together tournaments after all… He fell yesterday as well running to help up a teammate and tweaked his knee a bit and this happened previously at a tournament we played in though no major injuries occurred. outside if a few bigger ones most are thrown together and cheap.
  4. We are a second half team. We will win by 10-14 points. No worries.
  5. Honestly in the Mavs groups I’m in somebody just sets their phone on a stand and then live streams to their tv and leaves and watches in another room and leaves it up.
  6. Nice to see UNT win in football and basketball today… much better than UNC yesterday…
  7. I noticed a little something different when we passed you at the elevators earlier today at the football game. happy there was an Emmitt sighting even if it couldn’t be at a basketball game. do you think the other team will pull their starters?
  8. Every game we turn it around. Just keep winning!
  9. We must really be a second half team.
  10. Try being up top. Once you go up it goes out completely….
  11. They must not be marked because we did one in California before…. As well as one where we played in Oregon or Washington I think. Portland was in that one. Most all of Benfords years we had tournaments. Some were just four teams. Which that was in 13-14. Just checked. 15-16 we were in a tournament where we hosted games. I had oral surgery that year and remember going to the Idaho game right after. It was the mean green showcase tournament. it seems like almost every year we played in some form of tournament wether we host it or not.
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