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  1. It's not even a topic. ESPN has done a fabulous job getting to the position they are in. I can watch games on my cell phone that are not available anywhere else. Thinking that they are on the demise is ridiculous. The same argument could be made for the other major networks. Scores are available everywhere, that doesn't mean that we should abandon ESPN.
  2. If the parking is for the Red lot I'll take the FIU tickets.
  3. And the losers do it also because they want to blame others but themselves. Thank you for reiterating my point!!
  4. I'm sorry but the refs did not cost us that game. It's so easy for the losers to complain that the refs cost us the game. In all my years of watching and attending football games I have never heard the winners claim that we would have never won that game if the refs hadn't been with us. I'm sorry but that is just a cop out. I was at the game and no one in our group felt that the refs cost us that game. If the refs had walked out at the beginning of the game and announced that they were spotting FAU 30 points then I would probably agree that the refs cost us the game. Get over it people. We gav
  5. For future reference: Any of you guys call me Francis..............and I'll kill ya!! I also don't like anybody touchin' my stuff........so keep your meat hooks off. :
  6. I don't think you have to be able to read between the lines to interpret this as a slam on Dodge. "9 Year old - Yeah. And he is doing horrible." There really wasn't any reason to post this thread except to slam Dodge unless we're all just hanging on every word that a 7 and 9 year old have to say. Dodge is here for the duration of his contract whether we want him here or not. That's just my opinion of course.
  7. I heard that Riley was being paid off by SMU alums to signal in the wrong plays!! Jeesh, have we been reduced to complaining about who is signaling in the plays? Surely we have better things to worry about.
  8. So what I'm hearing is that two children were overheard repeating what they heard adults saying. What exactly is the point? The North Texas team is horrible this year. We all know that. It's not news to anyone. I'm growing bored with all the Dodge hating. Let's give the man a chance to build something before we condemn him. He inherited a bad team and it hasn't gotten better in a year and a half and some are ready to throw in the towel. All I'm saying is to give the man a chance. There were quite a few that were extremely excited when he was hired. Where are they now? It might be painful for
  9. Yes, it's always SMU's fault isn't it?
  10. Sorry about that. You want positive. How's this? We'll go 11-1, win the Sunbelt and go to a BCS bowl game. I don't believe that will happen but what do I know? I'm sorry but I don't equate silly predictions with being positive. In my humble opinion it's still possible to be positive and remain realistic.
  11. Here's a big dose of reality. In all my years of attending football games (and it's quite a few) I've never and I reiterate NEVER heard someone say that they wanted to attend a football game for any of the following reasons: 1. A celebrity/legend is tossing the coin 2. Their former High School coach is one of the coaches involved in the game There is no way the game will be a sell out even if every Southlake Carroll student, parent and sibling shows up. If everyone stationed at the JRB in Ft. Worth showed up it might be close to a sell out but I still doubt it. We couldn't sell out the SMU g
  12. Don't watch them. Problem solved.
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