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  1. Also Royal Inn was torn down several years ago so would make for opening air accommodations now but great location otherwise 🤷‍♂️😎
  2. “Drafted=more money+making the team. (?). Just a guess” Not necessarily on either one.
  3. Unfortunately, budgeting and associated regulations and laws for a state university is not that simple.
  4. Yes, QS is working on his SECOND masters degree!!!
  5. Considering what they have invested in facilities.... including a $50mil indoor training facility and a likely even more expensive new stadium (granted both about 15 years old now) I doubt that will happen. Also remember about 12 years ago they where highly ranked, top 25, in at least one season. Sure recently they have been pretty bad, yet they still have players drafted regularly etc.
  6. My thoughts exactly.... word for word before even reading this reply🤷‍♂️
  7. Side note, it is generally not a good sign when your safety leads the team in tackles but maybe that is different for the new fashioned 3-3-5 scheme.
  8. Last minute changes has allowed me to go afterall, Anyone know where can I get two tickets at this point?
  9. Hernandez? Pretty sure he played college ball in State of FL. But too lazy to look it up. If only I had internet.
  10. Just spoke with someone in the parking office. He said they are now enforcing parking permit on the weekends as well. This is new this year but makes little sense other than to squeeze a few more cents out of people visiting campus. I am mainly think on none-game days here when visitors or other functions are held at UNT such as events for kids etc. It will likely just lead to those events no longer being held on campus and thus a loose of revenue and expose of UNT to parents and potential students.
  11. I don't believe this is true. The parking regulation policy does not seem to state exactly which days permits are enforced, other than when UNT is open, but it does state in one place "These spaces are enforced from 7:00am to 10:00pm, Monday – Friday. " You can always check the signs at each lot but it should be free on weekends, other than Fouts. edit, I found this picture, it is not clear if this includes the weekends!
  12. Since it is weekend, and also not a game day, there should be plenty of free parking. Almost all places to park on the UNT campus is free/ require no permit on the weekends.
  13. I am pretty sure they did not dump $500 million into anything. That is over half the annual budget for UNT. The real number is around $5 million which is nice but not enough for tier 1.
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