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  1. MrStrange18


    Don't get me wrong... I won't call us CFB playoff contenders (kidding) until I see how we do against SMU. I will say though... Lets soak up the hype! It has been a hot minute since there has been this kind of excitement around our program. This is is the time to dream about what could be. So, enjoy it my friends. I think either way, this season will be one hell of a ride!
  2. This says "official ring" It is definitely a new style. Not sure if I like it as much. Thoughts?
  3. MrStrange18

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    Yes... if we lay an egg against smu, the rest of the season will be not as exciting. What a great opp to make a statement in front of a potentially great home crowd. Give us momentum going into the year instead of "the same old UNT" that most people will go back to
  4. Yeah... theres a school just down the road from them that gets a little attention in that part of the state. Have you heard of atm? Also, theres a HUGE fanbase in Houston for LSU. Yes... they have competition for fanbase.
  5. MrStrange18

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    Meh... I am still optimistic that our NEW AD will see these same trends and have some ideas to better things for us. I do think its interesting that this thread has turned into a Liberty replacing Army thread.
  6. MrStrange18

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    So... to go back to recruiting new members to the MGSF and the incentives. I think I could get a couple of other people to join. $25 to get a decal, a shout out, and help student athletes... not too hard of sell Anyone else?
  7. MrStrange18

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    Im sorry... I meant logos on the field. these are cute though
  8. To be honest... I think it is interesting that we are opening up as a favorite. Even minus their key players. They put a pretty good thumping on us last year. I dont know if our added experience + the loss of a couple players + a coaching change will close the gap. Dont get me wrong. I want us to thump them... after getting routed by FAU and then Troy... I am a little nervous.
  9. MrStrange18

    New football recruiting coordinator

    I could be wrong, but I believe the this position will be actually coordinating travel and logistics for recruiting student athletes. I do not believe she will be sitting in living rooms to get players on board
  10. MrStrange18

    AD is posting real donor numbers

    This isnt new information. This has been posted to that site for some time now. The tough part is... this is sort of preaching to the choir, us talking about it here. They recently put out some incentives for current members of the MGSF to recruit members. I like the idea of it, but the incentives to me arent that motivating to get after it. Dont get me wrong. I would love Hub Club tickets, but I dont know if I could 15 new members by June 30th to do. What do you guys think?
  11. MrStrange18

    Apogee Turf Project Underway

    Pics or it didnt happen... But really. I know ive seen atm with the Texas on it. Texas and Tech, I do not recall... After seeing ours... its growing on me. Way more subtle than I thought.
  12. MrStrange18

    Gymnastics at North Texas

    @greenjoe I like where youre head is at... wanting to add another womens sport to maybe help get another men's sport on the books *cough*baseball*cough*, but not sure this would help us get there. I think there are plenty of gymnastics facilities in the area we could use until a semi permanent spot could be done. I like the idea of sand volleyball though... that facility could be used by the general student body when they are not practicing or playing games.
  13. I kinda feel like we need him to have a big year.... I think he is our best shot at having a player drafted at a skill position. Hes a dynamic kid. Would love to see him do well.
  14. MrStrange18

    Future OOC Games

    Would love to see TCU and Baylor slotted in for a home and home somewhere in the next 10 years.
  15. MrStrange18

    CUSA Looking to Double TV Revenue, add ESPN3

    I'm good with this as well. More chances to see us on TV, the better! ESPN 3 is fine. Most folks know how to use the app now. Bring it!