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  1. I'm confused by the Portland State comment. The coach was fired before he even left the locker room that day. He wasn't allowed to coach the rest of the season. Dodge was fired mid-season too. The only time RV let a lame duck head football coach finish the season was Dickey and we saw how well that worked out. WB has done some great things but I just don't know if he's willing to do what is necessary and let Littrell go mid-season. I'm afraid he's going to be here until the bitter end.
  2. They offered two free tickets to all Faculty and Staff for last night's game. The numbers could include everyone who clicked the link to get the free tickets even if they didn't actually attend.
  3. They showed the SMU logo so much I started to think I was in Dallas. Ridiculous.
  4. Exactly. He's been here 6 years.
  5. They also have AJ Lawson on their team. Lots of ties to North Texas.
  6. TCU was supposed to play Texas Southern this afternoon and cancelled because of COVID issues within their program.
  7. Thanks. Anything similar about Torrey prior to the bowl game?
  8. Or did they have to sit out because of grades? I don't think either said they were missing the bowl game because of the draft but maybe I just missed it. Either way, Torrey was a phenomenal athlete for us and I hope he finds success like Darden has.
  9. TCU Assistant Coach Tony Benford is already used to losing in the Super Pit. I think that would be a great add to the schedule.
  10. We can't afford him. He won't come here. But if he did, I would not attend a single game and I've been a season ticket holder for over 25 years. I know several people who have worked with him and I've heard nothing but truly terrible things. Add that to the way he acts every time they lose, the way he lashes out at the fans, his players, players from other teams, coaches from other teams, etc. No thank you. Wins aren't everything.
  11. We are 1-6. We don't deserve to shake our heads at anyone. There is no reason for the crap our guys are doing.
  12. Same player. Another taunting penalty that gives Rice an automatic first down. We're 1-6 and we're taunting.
  13. He's obviously not doing much coaching or disciplining during the week or we wouldn't keep getting these ridiculous penalties so how much of a damn does he really give.
  14. Do we need to increase his salary so he can afford long pants? If our defense played better and quit giving teams automatic first downs with our stupid penalties, Bennett could be out there in just his underwear and I wouldn't care.
  15. Exactly. Let's see what Wren does with our football coach situation first before we start talking about his contract.
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