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  1. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Fine for Heisman Shirt?

    My thoughts exactly.
  2. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Fine for Heisman Shirt?

  3. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Fine for Heisman Shirt?

    It may not be an actual possibility but it's still a cool shirt celebrating an undersized quarterback who can make big plays and take big hits.
  4. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Fine for Heisman Shirt?

    We saw a couple of Fine for Heisman tshirts at the game yesterday. Does anyone know where I can buy one of those?
  5. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Rice Game Attendance

    I completely agree with your second point and I know we can't really close the tailgating areas. I'm just frustrated with our students not showing up more for the team.
  6. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Rice vs UNT game thread

    Does our O-line enjoy watching their QB get beat up every week? He is running for his life out there with no protection or time. The Rice defense should not have been able to get to Fine as many times as they did today. That poor guy was doing every thing he could to win the game for us even after all of those hits.
  7. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Rice Game Attendance

    Can we close off the tailgating areas a few minutes before kickoff? Tell people to come in to the game or go home? It's ridiculous how many people stay out there instead of coming in to actually support the team.
  8. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Missing From The Roster

    That's a big time FERPA violation and definitely not something a professor should be telling people.
  9. Mrs. Esterhouse

    DRC: Top UNT softball player transfers to SFA

    I wonder who else will be next.
  10. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Sebastian Munoz back on PGA tour next season

    Carlos Ortiz is a new dad so he's probably taking a break to be with his wife and baby.