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  1. Exactly. They should be spending more money on their most reliable program.
  2. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Seth Littrell Rumors Mega Thread

    My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Seth pass out at 31 Flavors last night.
  3. They also failed to mention that the University needed the land where Fouts is still partially standing so it benefitted everyone when we built Apogee and the new track facility.
  4. That's an excellent question and a solid possibility. If she didn't decline the interview, I hope Wren makes sure to call them out on their lie. He's done a really good of responding to this article already.
  5. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Volleyball season ends in quarterfinals of NIVC

    They had a rough start to the season which is understandable with how many seniors they lost. I'm glad they kept battling and ended strong.
  6. I'm not making any comment on the validity of the NT Daily's reporting (in this article or any others) but Wren might need to have a chat with his CFO, especially if he suggested the reporter talk to her specifically. Wren Baker‏Verified account @wrenbaker 2h2 hours ago More Replying to @wrenbaker @ntdaily This article is misleading & was written without visiting with the athletic department CFO (as suggested) who would have helped you understand so you could write something accurate & factual. We value student journalism & are always willing to help you get the story correct. #GMG North Texas Daily‏ @ntdaily 26m26 minutes ago Hi Wren, after initially interviewing you, the reporters sought someone who might have more information on the situation. However, your CFO Stacy Martin was contacted but declined to give an interview.
  7. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Basketball Scandal?

    It's not speculation that Coach Anwar's potential involvement wasn't mentioned by the school or any of the news stories before last week's WFAA story, almost two years later. He was already fired when the story originally broke so who knows why it wasn't public information before now.
  8. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Basketball Scandal?

    I think most of this may be more a question or negligence and not a blatant cover up but I do wish they'd made the information about Coach Anwar public at the time. His current employer might wish that too. I think the coaches were actually already all fired by the time the accusations were made. The only positive to WB taking the year to evaluate the basketball program is that we got Coach McCasland. If we'd been looking earlier, he may not have been available or on the radar. Other than that reason, I definitely wish we'd cut bait much earlier.
  9. Old coach, current administration. The hiring of Benford and most of his tenure was under the old administration but his last year, and the year this all supposedly occurred, was during the first year of our current administration. It doesn't mean they did anything wrong. I don't have enough to try and make that call. I'm just stating the fact of who was in charge of Athletics when this all went down.
  10. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Maryland Eastern Shore (11/17/18)

    I wish we'd looked better offensively last night but I'm going to choose to be grateful for the defensive play and how far this team has come since Coach McCasland arrived. It wasn't that long ago that we had Coach Benford looking like he didn't know what we was doing and a team that, despite talented players, would barely squeak out wins to cupcake teams.
  11. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Basketball Scandal?

    "A WFAA review, however, found UNT failed to speak to suspects for weeks, and key evidence was not secured. Even a link to a member of the coaching staff was not disclosed publicly." There could have been enough evidence but perhaps the investigation wasn't handled properly. It's sadly pretty common for sexual assault allegations to not lead to actual charges.
  12. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Basketball Scandal?

    How the University handled the victim's complaints. Also, they could possibly do more investigating into the assistant coach's role in all of this. Just my guess.
  13. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Basketball Scandal?

    True but I understand why the victim felt like she should have at least had the opportunity to talk to them.
  14. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Basketball Scandal?

    According to the story, the University told the victim to work with campus police only and not Denton police so if they can't handle the investigation they should have handed it over to another authority.
  15. Mrs. Esterhouse

    Basketball Scandal?

    Nope. Two of the guys were charged with prostitution. No one was officially charged with sexual assault.