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  1. And we're paying them too damn much for this garbage.
  2. And you can have terrible seasons while still keeping your job. That has to be attractive to coaches/
  3. Softball- I think Coach Kee's contract was up the year she left so it might be a similar situation to Benford. Women's Golf- The coach left for personal reasons. He was in no way fired or even in the hot seat as far as I know.
  4. I'd take interim head coach Patrick Cobbs over what we have now. At least he actually cares about the program.
  5. Just FYI, the Portland State disaster was 5 years ago today.
  6. Out of his control? He was suspended by the NCAA for his own actions.
  7. I doubt they'd arrest him without evidence. it takes a big man to insult a teenage girl on the internet. People like you are why so many victims never come forward. Also, it's guilty and not quilty.
  8. Except they've spent months investigating the claims and felt there was enough evidence to arrest him.
  9. If you look at the seating chart, there are several sections of the lower bowl that are general admission seating.
  10. Add in his previous NCAA violations and it's obvious he should have been gone a long time ago. We pay our coaches too much to accept this garbage.
  11. It's the responsibility of the extremely well compensated coaches to you know actually coach. That means they need to motivate their players. The coaches are the ones calling the plays. The coaches are the ones recruiting the players. The buck stops with the coaches.
  12. Another Chris Beard trivia tidbit, he coached Chris Jones after he transferred to Angelo State.
  13. Variety of speakers? I feel like they've all been on one side of the spectrum thus far.
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