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  1. There is nothing on this planet I hate more than the invisible line between the P5 and G5, except maybe cats. Cats are pricks. If your "subdivision" has 10 conferences, the 10 conference champs should play it off to determine the national champ. Not rocket surgery. If that seems ridiculous, then the invisible line between P5 and G5 perhaps should become a real line and a new "subdivision" should be created where the G5 schools have our own national championship.
  2. US Army - 2nd Armored Cav - Bindlach, West Germany 1984-86. Stinger Missile Gunner. Pretty much paid for my education after I got out. Good times.
  3. I channeled my inner Chris Berman, & all he had was Mason "Im in love with her and I feel" Fine.
  4. Good points. Speaking of a "nice shot in the arm", dont forget we get our best WR back this week too.
  5. 6 true freshman plus another 9 juco/transfers crack the 2-deep. Impressive.
  6. This^^!! They are already talking about the fact that SMU has yet to win in Denton. One guy was posting all of Vito's camp reports on their board too. Rivalries are born on the field over time. Just beat their ass.
  7. I was just taking a glance at the SMU board. They have a thread called "Say something nice about our week 1 opponent" or something similar. Barely resisted the urge to create a profile so I could say "no dead hooker cover-ups".
  8. I'm going to rein in the optimism best I can and settle on 3-9.
  9. http://collegefootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2016/08/13/north-texas-adds-second-k-state-transfer-lineman-to-roster/
  10. I havent heard much from anybody about the O-Line. How are they looking?
  11. We're going to need them both. I think it will come down to decision making and avoiding mistakes more than all these physical nuances as to who the starter is.
  12. We should have a decent influx of depth here in the fall though with the JUCO kids. Everywhere except DT anyhow. English would be huge - but I'm assuming he won't be eligible.
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