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  1. casual fan's post in Who is UNT's football rival? was marked as the answer   
    I did a little research: What 10 schools have we played the most in football?
    39 Texas St               29-7-3
    35 smu                      5-29-1
    33 New Mexico St     22-9-2
    30 Sam Houston St   18-11-1
    29 SFA                      22-4-3
    29 La Monroe           13-16
    27 Trinity                   16-9-2
    26 A&M Commerce   19-6-1
    24 Abilene Christian  15-8-1
    24 Tulsa                     7-17
  2. casual fan's post in UNT hosts Incarnate Word in 2018? was marked as the answer   
    Since the University of the Incarnate Word was founded in 1881 by the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, does this means we will literally be playing the sisters of the poor?
  3. casual fan's post in I would like to thank Todd Dodge again... was marked as the answer   
    Let's recap.

    1. The cupboard wasn't bare.
    The year before Mac got here Rylie Dodge was our leading passer (1212 yds) and 2nd leading rusher (250 yds).
    Darius Carey was the leading receiver with 524 yds.
    Craig Robertson had 133 tackles, by far the most on the team, but he was a senior and gone when Mac got here.
    Dodge signed 17 jucos his last 2 years to a team that already had scholarship restrictions. Look at last years poor senior class.
    Would you take the team that Mac inherited over the team he has now?

    2. There are some senior players left over from the Dodge era that are playing well.
    How much has Mac & company developed them? He is known for developing linemen. Canales is known for developing Qbs.

    3. When will we ever stop talking about Dodge?
    When we start winning and looking farward to going to bowls on a yearly basis. A top 25 ranking would erase it from everyone's mind.
  4. casual fan's post in Can someone get me back on the Green Kook-Aide? was marked as the answer   
    10 reasons you can sip the green Kool-Aid.

    1. Big, talented, and deep O-line.
    2. Solid stable of good running backs. We might actually hold some leads late in games.
    3. DT threw for an average of 220.8 yds per game last year with a banged up and thin group of receivers.
    4. Back up QBs could be better than DT.
    5. Solid at LB with some depth and experience.
    6. Numbers and talent in secondary look better.
    7. CUSA with 4 Texas teams is much better place to be than what is left of the Sunbelt Conf.
    8. Six home games! It is hard to build a record with 7 games on the road. We've proved that over an over again.
    9. Finally having the full allotment of scholarships is huge.
    10. A new conference with Texas teams to go along with a new stadium has to help with recruiting. I noticed 2 early commitments from area top 100.
    Face it, recruiting has been an up hill battle for years. (MT. Everest) ...It just got a little easier.

    If you decide to sip the green juice out of the now half full pitcher, keep your fingers crossed that the D-line stays healthy.
    Cross your fingers on the other hand that Lance has some big years in Dallas as it would really help with recruiting.
  5. casual fan's post in Why not C-USA? Why not? was marked as the answer   
    Highest attended home game of each season.
    29,437 Baylor.......... 2003
    last 8 years
    22,259 Tx Southern 2012
    28,075 Houston.......2011
    23,743 Rice ............2010
    23,647 Army............2009
    22,785 Tulsa...........2008
    26,012 Navy........... 2007
    25,231 smu ............2006
    23,112 Tulsa.......... 2005

    I had to piece it together, but I think it's correct. Who draws the largest crowds? Think about it.

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