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  1. Forgot to post in here a few weeks ago when I coached against him but the kid is a stud. Played well defensively and housed one on us when they threw him in at Wildcat QB. Went out of his way to be a good sport to our coaches and admin after a tough loss for him too. Scuttlebutt is that Tech is snorting around though.....
  2. For what its worth, an hour before this was posted he was speaking at the TABC clinic to hundreds of HS coaches in a packed ballroom in San Antonio. Great speaker btw.
  3. Cant imagine any of those being very competitive at the C-USA level, except maybe the 21.4 in the 200m. But thats just me guessing after working a HS district meet last week.
  4. Absolutely. Hold anyone Ryan out if he’s dinged up. Id rather be 10 than 8/9 anyways.
  5. Mannnnnnnnnnn......that Headline!!! CLICKBAIT!!!
  6. Coached against him this year. Kids a baller 😕
  7. I coach HS football. I’m around the “typical” 17 year old college football recruit everyday. I promise you, kids care about uniforms, graphics, swag, gear, etc....
  8. Kids love all the different options. Being able to tell recruits that "We never wear the same combinations in the same year" is absolutely a selling point to a 17 year old kid.....plus I think they look pretty cool anyways
  9. We could win the Natty and Im not sure Id consider us #1 in the happiness pole after reading GMG.com for awhile.
  10. 10-4. Arkansas, FAU x2, and a "tough to stomach" one. Edit: Just read the article and realized thats exactly what Vito said 😕 ... and yes I pick the overall one seed in March Madness most years
  11. My brother was a walk-on for UNT recently. Benefits: Swag and pregame/Team Meals. Nothing financial whatsoever. Can be a thankless grind for those dudes.
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