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  1. Surprised you left Riley Dodge off your list. I think McNulty will be the starter - and I'm good with that. It seems like people are skeptical of him, and I understand there's always skepticism when counting on someone to do something they haven't done before, but here's why I think McNulty will do well at North Texas: 1) Mac's system is built on controlling the clock and avoiding turnovers. Our QB doesn't need to launch it 40 yards because that increases the chance of a turnover and reduces the amount of time we control on a drive. Our QB needs to be a reliable bus driver who makes good decisions - McNulty can do that. 2) McNulty has been learning from Canales for 3 years now. Chico is really good at coaching QBs. I trust McNulty's technique and physical abilities are in good shape. 3) McNulty has been in the system with the same playbook for three years - he should know it inside and out. 4) McNulty has some game time experience with the team and has been in hostile environments. There will still be a learning curve in terms of dealing with pressure but I think it will be a shorter learning curve than most expect. 5) McNulty's running abilities should open up the run and pass game by holding defenses accountable. All in all, when you pair McNulty with a solid OL, a power run game, a pretty reliable receiving corps, and the option to run, I think we will see a much more efficient offense this year than we saw last (and we'll need it...especially if our defense and special teams can't put up the points like they did last year). On a side note - I love the smash mouth football that McCarney has implemented here. It's not always the sexiest thing to watch play after play, but it sure is fun in the second half when the opposing defenses are worn out and we bump up the tempo.
  2. We know that McNulty and Greer are currently the top two candidates for quarterback and both of these guys have some decent wheels. Do you think we'll utilize QB run plays more often in 2014 than we have the past few seasons? If so, how much of a factor do you think QB runs will be our offensive play book?
  3. The Orlando Sentinel ranked North Texas #62 in their preseason rankings. Link: http://ow.ly/yo9QS Eric Capper said he believes this is the highest pre-season ranking we've received from this publication in modern era.
  4. I'm just glad we have him here! Amazing turn around in 3 years. His record at North Texas is now 18-19. If he keeps the program headed in the right direction he'll have a winning record here.
  5. This is an honest question - does our AD have a marketing team?
  6. R+L CARRIERS NEW ORLEANS BOWL (New Orleans, La.) Saturday, December 21 Tulane vs. Louisiana-Lafayette (ESPN) 8 p.m. CST BEEF `O' BRADY'S BOWL (St. Petersburg, Fla.) Monday, December 23 East Carolina vs. Opponent TBA (ESPN) 1 p.m. CST MILITARY BOWL (Annapolis, Md.) Friday, December 27 Marshall vs. ACC Selection (ESPN) 1:30 p.m. CST BELL HELICOPTER ARMED FORCES BOWL (Fort Worth, Texas) Monday, December 30 Middle Tennessee vs. Navy (ESPN) 10:45 a.m. CST AUTO ZONE LIBERTY BOWL (Memphis, Tenn.) Tuesday, December 31 Rice vs. SEC Selection (ESPN) 3:00p CST HEART OF DALLAS BOWL (Dallas, Texas) Wednesday, January 1 North Texas vs. Opponent TBA (ESPN U) 11 a.m. CST Source: http://www.conferenceusa.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/120813aac.html
  7. All I know is we stole their president and now we're going to steal a win.
  8. I'm glad that both teams in the championship game are teams that are staying in the conference.
  9. I don't want to spark any type of derogatory political debate, but I had no idea that UNT is a lessor of fracking wells next to Apogee. Does anyone have more information on this? http://www.occupy.com/article/exposed-university-president-lied-students-about-fracking-school-property
  10. Who do you predict will fill those spots?
  11. I can't remember who's coming and who's going in regards to the MWC. Boise is back in for good but Air Force is still leaving, right? What football members are scheduled to be around for the next few years?
  12. Announcers mentioned that Ball State brought 5 busses full of students to the game. Think UNT would do something similar for the Tulsa game if we're playing to solidify 1st in the west and a spot in CUSA championship?
  13. Yes, I also subscribed to the MGS All Access and it's been a huge let down. I live out of state and really want to watch this game but as of now it doesn't look like that's going to be possible...
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