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  1. Expect the first episode week of Austin.
  2. Are we recruitng freshman at all? It seems like Coach is in a got to win now mode. I don't feel we are buliding a program.
  3. 10 GA's > = 1 Benford?
  4. This was after he was passed over for Benford and I asked him about his sudden love for the ponies thinking that he was now vying for that job. I guess he was on to something with SMU about to explode. This is what he told me in a twitter convo. Of course he could be using money as the excuse for not getting the job, but for what it's worth, he reached out to me after I called him out. The "didn't need the paycut," comment was after I asked why he didn't get the job.
  5. Maybe we can get him on our staff. He did lead one of the toughest squads in CUSA. There has to be some room on our bench somewhere.
  6. If you don't have a binder and have some experience, don't bother applying.
  7. Can we? Will we... Oh never mind.
  8. Happy for Alzee and Walton. I'm just not sure I can stomach another Benford season.
  9. It's an Orewellian broadcast.
  10. Seems like I've heard this 33 times before.
  11. All the more reason he should've been gone yesterday!
  12. Would it be safe to say we have so many seniors because non of Benford's recruited Underclassman have made it to campus?
  13. But the true question everyone wants to know is... How'd we do against UTSA?
  14. Haven't been able to really keep up. Any Surprises?
  15. Is it a bit that he doesn't get bits?
  16. http://www.hudl.com/athlete/o/1579559/jeffery-wilson
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