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  1. FYI - the stream will not be streamed through CUSATV platform. Locally cw33, espn3 will be blacked out in DFW and San Antonio. The production team coming in to produce the game is from San Antonio and will be providing the E3 feed.
  2. Russell offered more uniform(s) choices for for the money. Think 4 for the price of two. Not sure if that's the actual number of uniforms.
  3. Pro UNT Narrative? It was a statement of fact and that is all.
  4. UNT is State property, UNT PD is a State office, therefore they are state officers.
  5. http://www.meangreensports.com/sports/m-footbl/spec-rel/031717aaa.html
  6. http://conferenceusa.com/watch/?Live=1520&path=north_texas
  7. http://conferenceusa.com/watch/?Archive=11464&path=north_texas
  8. Campus Insiders Twitter link for those interested. https://twitter.com/i/live/780905771902963712 if you open this up on your laptop/desktop you get twitter comment feed next to the viewing window.
  9. ASN games not picked up in the market will be available on their website again. Last year they did away with it but after many complaints they were forced to push the streams again. And they shouldn't be behind a pay wall, But they may decide to charge.
  10. ASN games are carried by local / regional stations such as 21 or 52. It's up to those stations to bid and pay for the rights to carry those games. If they aren't bought by those local / regional stations you're sol, So they've made it available on their website. Last year ASN decided not to stream, the conference kindly asked them to rethink that decision or they had to let the schools stream their feed through their respective websites.
  11. ASN has said they would stream online on their site.
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