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  1. All those that had Darden going in one of the first three rounds please raise your hand.
  2. https://redravenathletics.com/sports/mbkb/2019-20/bios/holt_bostyn_mrk7
  3. Back on topic, I stood in my place of business a couple of years ago while a shooter was on the loose in Midland/Odessa killing and injuring people as he drove around town. I watched police storm my business to keep us safe and then watched them end that man’s life saving others. They came from all over this area of the state to end that nightmare and to protect those they swore to serve. I watched one officer be brought in that had his forearm turned to ground meat and lost his eye. They came running in when everyone else was running away. They chose a tough profession and for every Chauvin t
  4. So, if you have sworn off politics since Biden got elected, how can you be pleased with him as President when you don’t follow his actions?
  5. 2:40 mark of his junior season video. He made a very difficult catch look so easy. Excited for him and the draft, but man, I am going to miss watching him play for us.
  6. I saw a tweet from the alumni association that there will be a virtual event unveiling new uniforms for the Green Brigade. Any predictions?
  7. Derek Chauvin is guilty and deserved his sentence. Sitting on a man, whether on his neck or not, for over nine minutes when the man is no longer resisting and is stating that he is having trouble breathing is terrible.
  8. I am not asking for a back and forth, I am just curious about what policies Biden has endorsed, rolled out, or proposed that you are happy with? Look, I think Trump was a thin-skinned blowhard 99% of the time and didn't like that he didn't disavow conspiracy loonies, but I also agreed with a number of his policies that were enacted to take care of our country first.
  9. First two paragraphs: So you are happy we have a President that doesn't post on Twitter. I would agree although Biden has gotten "so triggered" in public events that he has called people names, challenged them to Festivus style feats of strength and threaten to take someone out back and whip them. Nothing about policy? Qanon did not take over the entire Republican Party just like "The Squad" hasn't taken over the entire Democratic Party although the Biden and the Dems just introduced a government heavy/socialists style agenda. So, back to my original question, what about Biden's a
  10. Freaking MUTS come out of nowhere.
  11. Are you satisfied with his approach? If so, what areas are you happy with?
  12. Great week for the team but it looks like we will be shut out in the match play final. The MUTS remained extremely hot. MUTS currently up 5-0 Match 1: MUTS win 5 and 3 Match 2: MUTS win 4 and 2 Match 3: MUTS up three with three holes to play Match 4: MUTS win 6 an 4 Match 5: MUTS up 3 with five to play
  13. Not sure. I have been trying to determine, but I can't get the CUSA website to respond.
  14. Follow here: http://results.golfstat.com/public/leaderboards/gsnav.cfm?pg=match&tid=22931&rid=2 MUTS currently up 2-1-2: Match 1: MUTS up 3 after three holes Match 2: UNT up 1 through two holes. Match 3: Tied through two holes Match 4: No update Match 5: MUTS up 1 through 1
  15. https://csusports.com/sports/football/roster/daviyon-mcdaniel/2937 https://www.hudl.com/profile/4669258/Daviyon-McDaniel
  16. Pretty common response from people predicting they will get more offers. I don’t take it they way you took it.
  17. I keep thinking MTSU will come back to earth and cool off, but man they are hot right now and have to be playing with a load of confidence. If you look back through the tournament, we have avoided the big swings and have been very consistent. Will be fun to follow tomorrow. I have faith.
  18. And the young man is just a freshman.
  19. MUTS played lights out in rounds two and three. Can they maintain that success in the match play? I like where we are positioned heading in to tomorrow and Friday, and our team not having a lot of highs and lows throughout the tournament. Does Marzilio take home medalist honors? Either way, great final round by our men. Excited to see how they do in match play. It appears we will draw UAB tomorrow in what, if form holds, will be a tight match.
  20. Not the same case and Mr. Castile should not have been shot.
  21. https://www.nytimes.com/article/daunte-wright-death-minnesota.html Expired registration tags, cops discovered he had a warrant, he fought with them, got back in the car in an attempt to flee as he had done in the past.
  22. See the edit to my post above. He was far from innocent of a few mistakes.
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