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  1. Out here at Odessa Permian. https://abcnews.go.com/GMA/TheLaw/man-suspected-posing-high-school-athlete-odessa-texas/story?id=10636829
  2. "Placing" players at a JUCO was an old practice and typically done with HS players coaches thought could benefit from the PT. The most famous for us was Spud Webb, who Blakely placed at Odessa College. The dumbass Tommy Newman, that followed Blakely, didn't want Webb and the rest is history. Webb went to NC State and the NBA, Newman went 24-60 from '83 to '86 and then back to high school.
  3. I would pick him #1 just because I am a homer and I love that he pulled J-Lo away from A-Hole. I think he will go late 4th round.
  4. No disrespect intended, but I think we saw enough of Jackson the last couple of years to know that he wasn't going to take Hamlet's place. On the other hand, Robinson intrigued me. I had the thought that maybe Mac placed him at the JUCO to get some PT under his belt, but now I am reading that Mac may have shown him the door? Where did that rumor start?
  5. So, who replaces Coach Mac and Rubin Jones?
  6. Currently, and very early, we are T3rd at even par three strokes behind Charlotte.
  7. And the freshmen delivered. I think USM was demoralized in the fourth game after losing games 2 & 3 by giving up two runs in the seventh inning of both games.
  8. Any chance we placed him and could bring him back? I doubt it but was curious.
  9. Ladies complete the four game sweep winning 3-2 and 11-3 today. Great weekend.
  10. https://meangreensports.com/news/2021/4/24/softball-mgsb-sweep-saturday-doubleheader-with-usm.aspx
  11. Win the doubleheader today. Score two in the bottom of the seventh to win the second game. They will go for the series sweep tomorrow with two more games at The Lace.
  12. How old is he now? Isn’t this like his tenth year?
  13. 6'5" 300lbs. 3 to play 3, May graduate Also shows offers from Samford and TSU-SM Originally from Arlington Martin. Signed with Northern CO out of high school. https://247sports.com/Player/Kaci-Moreka-46115621/junior-college-264436/ Announced via Twitter.
  14. The other in game rule I would like to see changed is the disqualification of a coverage unit player that leaves the field on their own and then re-enters to make the play. They are currently not penalized if the defender pushes them out, but if they so choose and want to try and navigate through their opponents bench area, then have at it.
  15. For clarification, these are game rules not how the NCAA/BCS structures their playoffs. In game rules.
  16. What would it be? Me: Penalizing the offense when they fumble the ball out of the end zone thereby awarding the defensive with the ball at the 20. I think the offense should maintain possession, but be pushed back to the ten yard line. I heard this discussion this morning on Dan Patrick's radio show and thought it might be interesting to see what everyone came up with.
  17. https://247sports.com/Player/DeVion-Harmon-86619/
  18. Yep. Should be pinned on the homepage. Love the team's attitude and resolve. They just went out and killed it in the third round when a lot of teams wilt under the pressure. And then Tan birdied 2 or the final three holes to win the individual title is even better.
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