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  1. https://meangreensports.com/sports/football/roster/nick-gallo/5281 https://247sports.com/Player/Nick-Gallo-46109822/high-school-257763/
  2. Iowa State is predicted to challenge OU for the BIG XII Football title by some prognosticators.
  3. PM me your personal info and I will forward it through to Mr. Baker and extend your car's warranty.
  4. Happy Birthday. Any more talk of heading back to Missouri...
  5. UNTLifer


    Every time I see this picture at the bottom of the screen, I do a double take. Tune looks like Dan Akroyd.
  6. Her opponent birdied 17 to win by one. Good showing.
  7. She was 1 up after a birdie on the first hole, but is now 1 down through six. Lots of time left in this round.
  8. Nope, but thanks for jumping to conclusions.
  9. Was +1 in her second round to finish the stroke play in a tie for 45th at four over. I think this qualifies her, top 64, for match play.
  10. The weight room disparity was ridiculous. On the other hand, I would like to see a comparison of the revenue generated by men's and women's sports on all levels.
  11. Duke. I know it isn't happening, but it is Coach K's last season. Never hurt to ask.
  12. Their recruiting must have really stunk prior to. https://247sports.com/college/unlv/Season/2022-Football/Commits/
  13. 1. How does the extra year of eligibility effect upcoming recruiting classes. 2. Conference realignment. What will our options look like? (probably too early to tell) 3. No berm talk. 4. McCasland's secret "left handed fetish".
  14. We honestly don't know what we have with Ruder, so what if he replaces Aune vs. smuT and plays bad as well?
  15. @Brett Vito , will this be a very small class considering the youth of our team and the extra year of eligibility granted due to Covid? I was curious if you had heard anything regarding this class.
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