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  1. Gopher Bowl: Grand Prairie Tomato Bowl: Jacksonville Mustang Bowl: Sweetwater
  2. But everyone is “vaccinated”.
  3. You missed my sarcasm. Carry on.
  4. We have a reported, per 247, 102 offers out for this class. This number includes players already committed to us and elsewhere. My guess is that we are going to go the JUCO/Transfer route to help balance out the roster some. Then again, according to my wife, I have been wrong a time or two.
  5. Our weight room is scheduled to be 14,001 square feet and we don't have to use the colors of UTEP, UT-Tyler, etc.
  6. Hell, that's easy to counteract. Recruit: "Hey Coach, So-in-so from State U said you only have a year left on your contract and that I shouldn't sign here. Is that true?" Coach: "Son, you ever heard of Lincoln Riley or Brian Kelly? They had years left on their contracts at OU and ND, and where are they now?"
  7. 6'0" 190lbs. Not rated Also holds offers from Arkansas, K-St. and Tulsa https://247sports.com/player/jamaal-wiley-46110519/ **Stafford is the hometown of Craig Robertson**
  8. 6'3" 270lbs. Rated a 4 star - .9081 Also holds offers from UT, A&M, Baylor, Houston, LA Tech, and utsa. https://247sports.com/player/johnny-bowens-46110003/
  9. 6'4" 270lbs. Also holds offers from Baylor, Houston, Nevada and utsa. https://247sports.com/player/barrett-eddlemon-46111809/ Love his video. The 2nd play he blocks a kid all the way to the bench, 3rd play he takes out two defenders with one block and on the 4th play he blocks the DE off the field. He's got a mean streak. Served up more pancakes than a firehouse fundraiser.
  10. https://247sports.com/college/north-texas/Article/North-Texas-Mean-Green-footaball-QA-2022-commit-Cam-Robertson-talks-commitment-to-UNT-win-over-UTSA-176970623/ Q: You visited North Texas for their big win against UTSA; what are your thoughts on that? Also, what will you bring to the table when you get there? CR: “The North Texas win was huge. I think it can start to change the way people view UNT. The guys were ready to play that stood out to me and truly dominated the game. That was a big-time performance in a big-time game to become bowl eligible. In terms of my game, I mind my business and work. So the fans will get someone who works hard but is not satisfied with less than but someone who is looking for more. I choose North Texas to make a difference, and that's what I plan to do. Mean Green, get ready!”
  11. Nothing. Wren has never stated that his position was in jeopardy. That has been message board fodder since week three.
  12. University of Mount Olive is hiring. Deploy diversion measures to keep them away from WB. https://ncaamarket.ncaa.org/jobs/15808217/director-of-athletics
  13. Mr. Van Zandt and his teammates at Thompson High School won the Alabama 7A State Championship last night over the previously unbeaten Central-Phenix City by the score of 38 - 22. https://www.maxpreps.com/high-schools/thompson-warriors-(alabaster,al)/football-21/videos.htm?videoid=cc7b8282-b4ea-4fd6-b905-318cb388385a
  14. The improvement of Ragsdale this year has been off the charts. I remember personally commenting about him being soft early in the year when he decided to run out of bounds short of a first down instead of lowering his shoulder. He looks like a different back now. I hate losing Torrey, as I hated losing Wilson, Dunbar, Cobbs, Galbreath, etc., but, if everyone stays, a running back room of Adaway, Johnson, Ragsdale, Adeyi, Jackson and Farrar is deeeeeeeeep.
  15. All recruited as safeties except Gaddie who was moved to safety this year and was playing corner out of necessity.
  16. Good to know about the Drake game. Didn't realize it was on there.
  17. Have a feeling we will be watching the portal and scouring the JUCO's. We still have the following listed as safeties on the roster: Dillon Williams, Harold West, Deshawn Gaddie, Keelan Crosby, Robert Johnson and Jordan Nichols. I am curious to see what we do with Loronzo Thompson as well. Is he injured?
  18. I going way out on a limb here, but I think Ruder may surprise some folks after spending a year in the system. Just a hunch.
  19. I don't get these freshmen entering the portal so early. Then again, you never really know why they choose to leave unless they share that information, and even then, it doesn't tell the whole story. Was he unhappy with where he was on the depth chart? Was he "encouraged" to look elsewhere? Where we just not a good fit? Was he tired of wearing green? We will never know the real answer. I wish him well, but as I stated above, he is replaceable.
  20. It says something when injuries occurred and the best option was a walk-on and moving a starting safety to corner. The safety room, his high school position, was pretty deep.
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