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  1. Trey Siggers was also third team...speaking of, any updates on his condition? Michael Lawrence: third team
  2. Felt the same way. I was excited to see Reeder's offense with our personel. Needless to say the outcome fell way below the expectations. Kind of like what happened to my wife and her marriage.
  3. Kelvin Smith was injured the majority of the year, and every game I watched never showed Littrell calling plays, so who was calling the plays if Reeder wasn't? Putin?
  4. Lubbock Cooper plays WF Rider in Abilene at Bulldog Stadium Friday night.
  5. https://www.hudl.com/profile/6454965/Tykeem-Doss
  6. I'm aware. Just sad that he is so consumed with my actions. JQ may become jealous.
  7. Not at all. I was really surprised at their season, but glad they are seeing success. I have a good friend that is a season ticket holder there. He was texting me from the Penn State game. Nice to see them having fun and a new team emerge from the usuals in the Big 10.
  8. I just find it sad that a young man, such as yourself, is so caught up with me that you have the time, want to, and energy to track my number of postings, how many days it takes me to respond and my posts per hour. I would think your time would be consumed pining over Johnny Quinn.
  9. You two are priceless. Thank goodness one of you is a moderator/admin for this board.
  10. It was reported that he needed to "recharge," so their could be something to this. Spend a year working for a network much like Urban Meyer has done, and then have your pick of openings.
  11. He also made that improvement at USC with a freshman starting QB after their initial starter went down in game one with a knee injury. I will eat crow and admit that I thought Reeder would be an upgrade over Harrell, but man was I wrong. I would love to see Graham back here, but I think that ship has sailed.
  12. De-committed from Minnesota a while back. Is now committed to USC.
  13. He lived in a freaking motorhome and his family never joined him in Denton telling me he was never committed to us. No thanks.
  14. Heard on the Ticket over the holiday an ad for this game narrated by Mike Rhyner. Evidently, he attended UTA back in the day, so he and Jub Jub had a bet. Glad to see Georgio beat the Old Gray Wolf.
  15. Yep, I think you are right, but we do have Wooten Hall. How many of these P5's can offer a campus building named after him?
  16. Thanks @Marty. I didn't think to check there Johnson had been out the previous two weeks injured, so I wasn't sure if he was back. It is amazing, but I am unable to ever find anything about them in the Lubbock paper.
  17. That's what UTEP thought about Kai Locksley when they got him from UT and the Big XII.
  18. Because under GH we didn't really utilize the position. Littrell has never recruited them until this year.
  19. Looks like Colorado State is moving on from Bobo. They have a few recruits I would be interested in, mainly the DT from Duncanville.
  20. Now that is the bastion of civility. Good luck. I don't think anyone was trying to run you off, I was just pointing out how it looked.
  21. Per 247sports, Wooten de-committed from Missouri on 11/30.
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