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  1. And here we all thought you moved up north so that you could live your "lifestyle" in peace.
  2. Or you could learn the difference between a binder and a portfolio.
  3. You mean like Rice? http://www.riceowls.com/sports/w-baskbl/spec-rel/040715aaa.html
  4. I am not sure that Brett and I have the same definition for the word "stranglehold." Apparently his means something about the coaches doing everything they can for McNulty to lose the job, including a wide-open competition and bringing in a JUCO.
  5. Billy, IIRC Osborne graduated and left with a year of eligibility remaining.
  6. My favorite part is how the article mentions a few times how Ft. Worth is not Dallas, but the website did the following: OTHER STORIES YOU WILL LIKE IN DALLAS and MORE DALLAS
  7. Yes and it should depend on two things: what the kid wants to study abd what they want out of their college experience. I have worked as an advisor at both so this example is a good example actually. UTD is a very strong science and engineering school. Superior to UNT. But be damned if I would tell a kid to go there for history or English lit., etc. Those departments were barely existent as far as I am concerned. Same for music and fine arts. Regarding the second question I posed, UNT has UTD beat hands down on college experience and not only due to sports. Residence life, clubs, pretty much everything. When I worked their in 2007 they didn't even have a dorm. (They do now.) Where UTD does kick UNT's butt up and down the court is funding. They give their top students cold hard cash to attend UTD. So the "average" parent might steer their kid towards whichever school mirrors what they experienced or wish they had experienced. Which is why UTD was filled primarily with Asian and South Asian kids with parents that insisted they be either a doctor or engineer. Or kids that lived nearby. It was a choice of proximity and/or academic excellence. A UNT alum might encourage their child to UNT over UTD because they enjoyed the experience and what the kid to have fun while they go to college. Or because going to UTD to be a theater or RTVF major just doesn't make a lot of sense.
  8. I think your scenario above is a non-starter. MIT vs UNT? Duh, unless they want to play jazz trumpet that choice is obvious. I think the more realistic question would be UNT vs TxSt or UH or even Tech. Not a lot of difference in Tech and UNT, but tons of kids go there because it has that 'big time' label with Big12 sports. Even your MIT vs Alabama is silly. Anyone who knows anything about academics knows that Alabama most SEC schools in generally are not very strong academic schools. (Now most of the Big10, that is a totally different story). I think the effect comes in when kids and parents are considering similar schools. Even if a kid isn't into football or basketball, they may have lots of friends that are and get excited about a school because of the buzz. I remember what George Mason experienced after its tournament run a few years ago. It was pretty amazing. I would almost 100% guarantee they didn't steal any kids away from MIT or Stanford, but both the number and quality of their applications went up dramatically. If UNT were to capture that type of attention, we wouldn't be keeping your kid in state if she had a MIT scholarship in hand, but some kids that might have decided on OKSt, Tech, or Colorado might decide to stay home.
  9. Isn't that was this place has become?
  10. We should try this approach: http://www.midmajormadness.com/2015/3/17/8240159/utep-miner-athletics-uses-twitter-to-put-down-their-own-player
  11. Not sure why you think he would want to leave. Not only is it his alma mater, but currently it is a better job.
  12. The important question is who are the girls? Tell them I said "what's up?"
  13. I only care about your opinion. ❤️?
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