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  1. Sorry was using a mobile device and it failed to quote EagleMBA. I was making fun of his ability to speak as a baby. ;)
  2. I think I was 3-9, maybe 4-8 but I don't post on his blog.
  3. you don't want to hire him anyway so who cares?
  4. Or the latest: A former player dared to question Littrell's pedigree
  5. This is how it all happened. Once upon a time... Mac gets fired Chico gets the team a little fired up and some fans want to hire him But then we sucked again But at least that made UNT90 happy And then Vito started throwing out big names (which he got from this board) and we were all like But then they said they were not interested So we kept following the MG Blog (slowly going crazy) Vito released an underwhelming FOIA list... Which again made UNT90 happy But wait! Meacham is a done deal! Oh no! He changed his mind. So there there is that Littrell (Litrelle, Lutrell, etc) guy, who is just awesome! Maybe better than Meacham! But where is the announcement??? Is it really happening? We just have to wait?? Meanwhile Harry is counting clicks, loving the traffic the coaching search is bringing to GMG... untjim is posting anti-RV posts in every thread Thor drinks beers, cuz Thor drinks beers Christopher Walker revels in his beard Cerebus looks for new gifs to top this post RV checks his bank account UNT90 gets ready for the "We love Rick V" banner And I just carry on as normal...
  6. A better comparison would be the alma mater, which I think has been left alone. Fight songs are supposed to be a little less sacred. Hence the word "fight.". ATM's is irreverent and I am certain that there are several others. I can't say I like the MF in the fight song, but at least the little MFers care enough to show up and scream for the team.
  7. Where specifically does he excite you, @Harry?
  8. I would think a national championship would not really be the time you want to audition a new OC though. Just to clarify, I am pretty sure UNT has never mentioned any names at all, much less announced anything. Everything is "sources" and rumors.
  9. This Houston thing is strange to me. Have the BOR approve $3 million before a deal is reached? Did the negotiations go like this: AD: So what number are you thinking about, Tom? Hermann: $3 million AD: Ouch, really? I was thinking like $2 million. Hermann: $3 million AD Yeah, Tom, I am not sure I would be able to do 3. How about 2.2? Hermann: Idiot it was publicly announced that you can do 3 million. AD: Ok fine $3 million.
  10. When you are below FI_AU in attendance, you are F'd in the A.
  11. Can't say I care at this point. Just want to see the coach named and the coordinators hired. DC being the most important. Then get on the trail and bring in the best kids you can in the short time available. Both candidates have solid resumes.
  12. God we are in some kind of crazy Star Trekkian time circle thingy. GMG post of rumor or desire turns into media or twitter post picked up by other media or twitter users turns into GMG post turns into media or twitter post...
  13. I was thinking the same.
  14. a/s/l? No, but seriously, my question would be: Who do you plan to hire as Defensive Coordinator?
  15. Why did Chico call time out to go for it on 4th and 8? Punt and save the TOs.
  16. got it. other than those years that he has g5 experience, he has no experience at g5 schools. I agree with your assessment there. Since he has worked at g5s. Also I noticed that yodid not adrress the argument that ECU has serious support and probably doesn't feel much like little old UNT.
  17. Et tu, @BillySee58? This "head coach as lead recruiter" bullshit? Never expected it from you.
  18. Wait so ECU is more G5 than Houston with their 45k a game attendance and perennial competiveness against P5 matchups? Your logic sucks.
  19. Not a very insightful look at our job candidates considering that they just quoted Vito (who just gets his list off of here).
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