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Found 19 results

  1. I am excited about the new coach but I won't have season tickets to come see what he produces. I welcome him to UNT. I will warn him about the ineptness of our athletic department. And tell him that he will have generate financial support and media attention for the program because the AD simply doesn't care or doesn't know how. (Just once I would like an AD to be honest with us and tell the masses what it will take financially get where we want to be). In so many negative ways what is going on at UNT mirrors exactly the same problem the pro team 35 miles south has. But I relent and sim
  2. Most of the candidates we have discussed on the forum already have jobs. I think getting someone desirable who already has a job to come here is a long shot here with so many other vacancies available. I believe if they are to hire a coach and keep RV they should hire someone now, to try to salvage whatever they can from the years recruiting class. When Pep Hamilton was fired from the Colts it got me to thinking. Could we put together a pretty good staff right now of all out-of-work coaches? I don't know about Pep Hamilton as a head coach but I would love him to replace Canales as assi
  3. Please can start speaking truthfully about the hiring of Dan McCarney? Look I like him as much as the next Mean Green fan but let get a few things straight about him. He arrived at UNT with losing 56-85 overall and 27-68 conference record as head coach. That is losing anyway you slice it. Yes, Iowa State has the deck stacked against them in the Big 12. But you can say they same thing about all the other old Big 12 North Division programs outside of Nebraska and Missouri. Mac arrived with great fan fare and energy here and all Mean Green Fans appreciated that. But there was little substa
  4. To add insult to injury, Smatresk essentially agrees with RV in that the voices of displeasure are not "truly representative" of the masses. So much for Smatresk being our last hope. http://ntdaily.com/attendance-on-the-decline-in-major-sports-at-north-texas/
  5. The only way now UNT can really compete for talented coaches now with 7 already open at this point is to have a different pitch. We can't money whip a good coach into coming here. We don't have the money now and we don't have an athletic department that knows how to campaign for the money necessary to do that. The team that is well known and available right now is the Spurrier family. You need 5 years from Steve (he is 70 now so longer than would not be wise). The names by themselves would project a stability and commitment to building something great. I think they would be interested
  6. http://www.sbnation.com/college-football/2015/10/14/9530335/ncaa-football-coach-jobs-best I think this will be the most important topic for football. The UCF position just came open and that may move us down to number 6. I thought the Washington State job was going to open up but it looks like they have some positive traction up there. What dominos will fall at the end of the season? Could we find ourselves without a coach before the New Year? I think that is quite possible. And given that there will be a lot of competition for coach talent where the hell is our AD? He should be leaki
  7. Evan and I meeting with him for podcast tomorrow! GMG!
  8. Love this quote from Rick Villarreal (update on UNT-LSU game status): “If LSU wants to get on a plane, fly down here and play on Saturday, I’m sure we can work that out.” Read more: http://meangreenblog.dentonrc.com/2012/08/love-this-quote-from-rick-villarreal-update-on-unt-lsu-game-status.html/
  9. With Orsini out. Could SMU be interested in RV?
  10. From the album: CUSA Press Conference May 4th, 2012

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