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  1. He didn't have the name of our school correct so that was a sign.
  2. Oh and JJ to lock down other team’s best G scorer.
  3. I agree with Roosevelt as a sharp schooter. We need 3 shooters and Hamlet.
  4. I like having multiple big men but I must agree with Andrew that both should play minutes . Hopefully Martinez and Morgan both play at the 4 giving us rotation of 4 for those two spots. Scott interchange at the 3 and 4 too .
  5. Wow . Neither Drez or Martinez made the top 50.
  6. I really don’t think he wants to go to UTA. lol lol
  7. He is a leader and seems like a great young man. Any school would be fortunate to have him.
  8. Stay Drez stay ! Reese left and hit a half court GW, sure . But. No tournament! Stay !
  9. I wish but not likely . AAC will be multi bid annually .
  10. I don't doubt what Coach and the team can do but the prospects of going to the tournament are so small with only one bid . With UAB and MTSU looking real tough next year, I am guessing he also wants to go back to the tournament and would be hoping for an SEC school with a good chance.
  11. What's going on with Chris Morgan? I didn't see his name mentioned in Brett Vito's article about the prospects of next year? I assume he took a red shirt. I only went to one road game as I am out of town. Was he on the bench?
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zH2-SqgJTlU
  13. I heard Tony Benford was the lead candidate for SMU followed by Vic Trilli.
  14. I love the balance that Bell and Coach Mac gave each other Bell was always so calm. Coach Mac so exciteable. I think they helped each other out actually.
  15. And he was the Team's chaplain.
  16. Mitch Maher. We need prayers. Any team who ever made it to the NCAA Tournament - 1988, 2007, 2010, 2021 Shawnson Johnson for depth. LOL.
  17. Recruiting needs definitely include the following: Back up PG Athletic 6-2 - 6'5 shooting guard / small forward who can shoot 3 and coachable to defend as a priority 6'6 - 6'8 PF who can defend and Rebound 6'9 - 7'10 (lol) Center to back up Abou
  18. Thank y’all. This is helpful. I didn’t know Josh was at TSU.
  19. Coach Jankovich - SMU Coach Jones - Texas Southern AJ Lawson - Texas Southern Chris Beard - Texas Tony Benford - TCU Umoja Gibson - Oklahoma Harmon - Oregon guard (Guyer) Who am I missing other than of course our own Mean Green?
  20. Coach J is a really solid coach who has continued to get better over the years particularly with improved recruiting.
  21. Tylor is a champ . TSU is in trouble.
  22. Do it for Jesse Ratliff! 1995 still haunts me and Jesse.
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