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  1. We disrespected ourselves on the field last night.
  2. I don't know if I would file this one under "bulletin board material", seems like a genuine compliment.
  3. They definitely have the talent advantage. Not taking away from the UNT advantages you listed, but to say that SMU doesn't have the talent advantage just isn't true.
  4. We're really overreacting to one game in Week 0, aren't we.
  5. Optimistic: SMU 45, UNT 42 Pessimistic: SMU 45, UNT 7 Realistic: SMU 45, UNT 31
  6. New coaching staff means any semblance of talent we have/had will transfer out anyway.
  7. I'm not even convinced we have talent. This goes beyond coaching. What an absolute dumpster fire. We're much further than a season away from being anywhere near competitive, and anyone who says otherwise is a homer.
  8. Being in one of these would require us to have a functioning football program, so we don't fit the criteria.
  9. Most underrated college football meme by far
  10. One shot for every deep TD Tanner Mordecai throws will put us in the hospital
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