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  1. Every single place that won't resemble Ruston or Hattiesburg
  2. Hoping Wren and Neal hit a home run this off season, this could change everything for North Texas
  3. I hope this expresses how I feel about this and Judy
  4. SMU and Memphis people say Big12, and some kid today told me “SMU was in deep contact with the Pac12 recently” which I of course laughed at
  5. Exactly. There are better options out there, that’s my whole point.
  6. We have a thread about Jaelon Darden updates, yet I’ve seen threads started about him Good luck haha
  7. 2069 when it’s the 100 year anniversary
  8. I was thinking more of Andy Reid or Bruce Arians, but glad you understand my range of coaches
  9. Never got over the hump of big game wins and conference championships. I’ll pass
  10. all sports because there are 2 schools (Navy is FB only and Wichita State is everything BUT FB) that make it uneven.
  11. And why would we want a coach that has been just good, not great. We need to have higher expectations
  12. I tend to agree, but calling Texas Hall an arena is a stretch hahaha
  13. Looking on their 247 board, it seems they are dead set for the Big 12 and "make the most sense" Now the reasonable ones are saying they killed their opportunity to move up because of hiring Chad Morris, which is correct, but I just can't see them leaving any time soon.
  14. The Super Pit, with major renovations, would probably cost around the same as a new arena due to how it was built and the configurations of the stands. I swear Wren spoke on that, and somewhere in a master plan had the skeleton of the Pit and how adjusting/taking down the upper deck would be very difficult. I don't think we need a new arena, but down the road in 5-10 years, I think so...
  15. Tulsa has done significantly more than La Tech, but they are one of the worst schools money wise.
  16. Hopefully they announce it this week, I don’t want it dragging on…
  17. USM fans are extremely angry, their 247 VIP board is so funny
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