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  1. No one ever mentions his record at Siena. Hmm?
  2. Tang hired Ulric Maligi to KSU? OMG, it's finna get real up in there. Throw Dowling in the mix and players might actually go to a farm school in Kansas to play hoops.
  3. Well, it's ranked the same on US News (#68). It's certainly a different student body and different experience. My nephew was top 10% in an east TX HS with no SAT and got into Mays but wouldn't have been waitlisted at Cox. Back to UNT...hope you keep GM and am interested in what rabbit the BMDs pull out of the hat on the Hilltop.
  4. SMU has a better academic rep that A&M unless you're talking about engineering. Even then, I know quite a few people that pay extra for their kids to attend SMU for engineering and got $ to attend A&M. UNT has a shot at being higher ranked than Tech in the US News rankings.
  5. Is GM as competitive a hire as NM State's coach is? He got the Miss State job so he may be a bit more established. Hope Grant and assistants get paid. It'll be even more fun to play SMU in the future.
  6. Congrats on the win. It's good to keep playing. Regarding attendance, I believe SHSU had just over 300 for its CIT game. It's tough to bring in a large number of fans in a short period of time.
  7. But then Troy lost to South Alabama! WTG Mean Green! Keep up the winning ways and get some more talent into Texas' Music City.
  8. Well, there you go. "it is the "blueshirt" that's the latest step in big-time recruiting." Kudos to Coach Littrell for innovative ways to stock the pipeline with talent. GMG!
  9. UNT is the only FBS school I've heard of that "blue shirts" recruits. Do they have to pay for the first day of school themselves since they sign on Day 2? Being factitious. Seriously, I presume the blue shirts aren't as highly rated as the regular signees but are better than what you think you'd get otherwise. You are in a tight spot numbers-wise if you're always carrying forward guys into the next class. At least it's mostly a class of freshmen that the staff likes. Not a bunch of one year transfers and JUCOs.
  10. I don't think women came forward with lies to wrongfully charge players. 15 minutes of fame? Lack of institutional control comes to mind and some of those rape encounters that have come out were harrowing. Minimal support for the women from the institution or the local police. Definitely wouldn't send my daughter there.
  11. Need to redshirt high school guys and have them start as JR/SR and fill in hole with JUCOs. Sell talented 2* and 3* players on immediate playing time.
  12. I didn't know that UNT played at Army this year and didn't know that UNT even got into a bowl game. That's awesome that y'all beat out another 5-7 team in Austin and in University Park for a bowl game. Army is a cool opponent. They're not as good as Navy this year -- guess this weekend will determine that for sure -- but they draw ratings and way more fans than UNLV. Good reward for the players and excellent progress in year one for Seth and the gang.
  13. UH also gets at least $1.35M in proceeds for the Advocare game. We have sold at least 24,000 tickets as part of the season ticket packages and others have purchased extra or single tickets. This game was also a big reason why many on the fringe bought season tickets this year. It was for me, a Dallas resident. I don't care much for the UofL game. I like the opponent but the game is on a Thursday night (ESPN exposure). As far as TX State, I think we don't want to play body bag games and believe that TX State will bring fans to TDECU and we can bring enough fans to San Marcos to win the vast majority of them. They are a solid regional 1:1. SMU got some really good ones with TCU, Baylor and TX A&M. I suppose it's tougher to get those types from out of state, although you did well with IU and KSU.
  14. Y'all are crazy for jumping on a large donor because he likes to meet the AD and Coach and supports his wife's alma mater. My school would like more people willing to pay over $2K per seat per year, especially in a stadium with lots of empty seats. To optimize revenue, you have to give some access. You don't think Charlie Strong goes to alumni functions and gets his picture taken with tons of fans and signs stuff? What about practice access for the really well heeled? GMG!
  15. Band looks strong. 300? Maybe 150 Hilltoppers?
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