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  1. Yeah, they said that on Twitter a couple of days back as well. The anticipation is killing me!
  2. If I remember, by the Army game, what seemed like half of the starting lineup was out for the season.
  3. Thanks so much! That's where we usually tailgate. see you there!
  4. I know some of you are expert tailgaters and sometimes camp out on Friday nights. Planning on doing that this week with some friends. We have reserved spots in the Blue lot and I always see RVs and such in there, but can you camp in that lot? How would they be able to manage parking passes the night before? Surely they don't post attendants at the gate that early. Any advice for overnight tailgating?
  6. meangreen2018


  7. Video from Cowboys-Dolphins game last night...Great run by Lance and everybody on the ESPN discussion board seems pretty confident in both Mean Green Reps. http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap2000000056375/Preseason-Week-4-Lance-Dunbar-highlights
  8. As a teenager, I rush the field just as an excuse to throw the football after the game. Against Indiana, it was to celebrate. But we a lot of other teenagers and younger kids in our neighborhood who enjoyed coming to the game to throw the football on the field, and now that they took that away from us, we try to take advantage of every chance we get.
  9. I'm In! I'm the youngest one in the picture. Name: Meangreen2018 Height: 5'7" Weight: 123 Speed: Slow Age: 15 T-shirt Size: Medium
  10. I'm on the Marcus High wrestling team and we wrestled at Byron Nelson a couple of times. They are a fairly new school (opened in 2009 I think) but have some really great facilities. I don't know much about the football team but I do know they finished 4-6 in their first year of football this past season. I'm pretty sure they don't even have a senior class yet.
  11. http://il.youtube.com/watch?v=cTLwznZmFwk
  12. That article got me really pumped up for the game today!
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