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  1. Another 3 star could be added to 18 class

    Any news on this mystery kid?
  2. Another 3 star could be added to 18 class

    https://247sports.com/Player/Mekhi-Garner-46040537 http://247sports.com/Player/Nikia-Jones-94517 I think it's Mekhi, if not, he looks interested as well. ^^^ this is his response to cam lampkin getting offered from us ( his high school teammate class of 2019)
  3. Another 3 star could be added to 18 class

    It's gotta be nikta Jones or Mekhi Garner. Would add to already a very athletic class
  4. DRC breaking news -- UNT fee vote passes

    Huge!!! That's great news! Good job everyone that voted. Yet again, more things happening at unt for the better!
  5. Anyone know where he is going or if he's giving up football?
  6. '18 QB Cobe Craft (Fossil Ridge)

    Love these pwo's this year.. most athletic class in a while
  7. With signing tomorrow, do we have anyone we are still hoping to commit or is going to be the 2018 class?
  8. '18 DT Darren Brown (Judson)

    Not sure what this tweet means
  9. '18 QB Cade Fennegan(Dallas Wilson HS)

    Looks like it!
  10. '18 QB Cade Fennegan(Dallas Wilson HS)

    Will serve 2 yr church mission and then come to UNT
  11. DRC: Steven Shaw makes decision

    While I'm disappointed, we have been getting guys lately that have more competitive offer sheets. We have gotten better each class and I feel we will continue to get better. We have a decent/good class right now and can still get a couple of difference makes this class.
  12. ‘18 OL/DL Steven Shaw Jr (Manvel)

    Looks like on a visit to UNLV.
  13. ‘18 OL/DL Steven Shaw Jr (Manvel)

    Kason is such a leader, you have to think having him here is a big time advantage. If we land a couple of the new offers this could be one of the better classes in a long time.