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  1. p_phelps


    Twins! Both 3star
  2. p_phelps


  3. p_phelps


    Let's go!!!!
  4. p_phelps

    Big day ahead!!!!

    Doesn't seem like the other is coming today
  5. p_phelps

    Big day ahead!!!!

    and 15 for 2020 class by July!
  6. p_phelps

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    Let's go!!!! I'm pumped!
  7. p_phelps

    North Texas Lands BIG Commit

    Odd that we would be his only offers. Glad to get some defensive guys to the class. I'd love to go D heavy.
  8. p_phelps

    '19 QB Will Kuehne (Owasso)

    Could be hinting UNT!?
  9. p_phelps

    Cross Year Recruiting At This Time

    This is what I was saying yesterday. I don't get the panicking. Yeah SMU and UTSA had good weeks but we're not struggling. Heck, I think we're still ranked 2 in Cusa.
  10. I don't get the panicking...compared to last year's at this time we're ok. The guys we have currently committed would be the best of last year already.
  11. p_phelps

    Favorite Mean Green Game

    The Drive was huge at the moment, UTSA was the new shinny toy and were" clearly doing things better". It was the most fun I've every had in person at a game.