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  1. Best in Texas (and surrounding States)

    You mean the conference offensive player of the year? Get outta here with that.
  2. JUCO Visit Josh Saafi

    I'm a bit confused on this one, while he has great size, his stats are not good to be nice and his tape isn't either. Are we sure he isn't a PWO?
  3. JUCO Visit Josh Saafi

    Nothing there?
  4. Jason Bean, Lake Ridge

    The QB depth with these too is the best it's ever been at North Texas, along with Pearson I'm excited for what's to come.
  5. JUCO Visit Josh Saafi

    Size is impressive, tape and stats aren't so much.
  6. Mason Fine

    Mason isn't a statue back there, he can move pretty good. He's damn sure not scared to run it when he needs to.
  7. https://247sports.com/Player/Keith-Brown-46049931 3 star, Would be a big get!
  8. Huge week ahead in terms of Recruiting

    Wolf was at home coming too... Possible replacement for Trevor Moore
  9. Any day trippers out there?

    Not kidding when I say I had one of the most fun 2 days of my life in new orleans, make it at least a one night stay. I was pissed when I originally saw the projection because I saw us potentially beating Texas or Tech, but now, especially with the lack of respect by that sun belt team I want to run them out of the building with some great Cajun food, also my birthday weekend.
  10. Our Ace recruiter is going out of state

    Any idea's on who, 247 only has 1 juco player in Iowa and has committed to TCU
  11. Our Ace recruiter is going out of state

    Sorry, didn't mean to. But wonder who he's after in Iowa. I don't recall any offers to Iowa kids