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  1. Disappointed at Attendance

    Greeks had meetings Monday night and my daughter got fined 25 bucks for missing her sorority meeting and supporting UNT with her old man! I emailed NS and WB about it. The Pres said he will look into it. I appreciate his immediate response. Go Mean Green!
  2. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    Sorry, I'm just going by what basketball staffers told me. Not a knock on what Wooldridge accomplished this year.
  3. Louisiana Tech (3/7/18)

    Gipson starts at PG next year without a doubt.
  4. Anyone heard if UNT is having a pregame party at any of the bars or restaurants in Frisco? Needs to be an "Official" Mean Green meeting place! GMG!
  5. We play La Tech Wednesday night at 8:30. Winner gets Old Dominion Thursday night in the late game.
  6. 6 game home stand

    Hope GM has four suits for next week! Maybe he can have some of Benford's altered!
  7. UTSA 3/1/2018

    Anyone know how the tie breaker works for the tournament? Could have 3 teams at 9-9. UAB, FIU and the Mean Green.
  8. DJ Draper

  9. Tournament question

    You will be able to buy single session tickets starting on Monday. Not sure how much they will be. There is a discounted ticket you can get through Bret Ryan's company. The code is HUNGER. I think this is just for Wednesday. Benefits the North Texas Food Bank I think. They are 20 bucks.
  10. Since we are a main sponsor for the Cowboys now, the Rangers may have decided to give us the boot.
  11. 6 game home stand

    Let's beat nUTSAck Thursday and get things headed in the right direction again. They have won 7 of 8. GMG
  12. Florida International (2/22/18)

    Sorry, I meant tonight against Southern Mississippi.
  13. Florida International (2/22/18)

    Remember we only beat them on a broken play 3 late at home. We aren't a great team yet. We play hard and don't quit but haven't blown anybody out in conference. We can play up against the top teams but aren't any better than the 12-8 seeds. To many turnovers and poor FT shooting to win consistently.
  14. Florida International (2/22/18)

    We desperately need a win Saturday. UTSA is really playing well right now so next Thursday will be tough. We need to have a little momentum going to Frisco. Probably looking at an 8 or 9 seed.
  15. Florida International (2/22/18)

    Welcome back Shane Temara!