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  1. With the CBI success and now a trip to Italy for games, I hope this means Coach MacCasland will try and bring in some good teams to play at the Pit this year. I understand playing tough OOC games on the road with a young inexperienced team last year and cream puffs at home but we need to build on the excitement and bring in teams that will draw the casual fans. Hope some dates will start leaking out this summer. We have UTA at home and they need a beat down!!
  2. Shark84

    2018 Schedule Thoughts

    If this is true, I'm really worried about our kicking game without T. Moore.
  3. Anyone know how many games will be played on the trip?
  4. Shark84

    Overseas trip

    No, over by Paris.
  5. Shark84

    Overseas trip

    Heard that the men's team is going to play some games in Europe this summer. NCAA allows schools to do it once every four years. Great experience for selling our program and valuable games for working in the new guys. The future is 🌞! GMG.
  6. Shark84

    Fine New Youtube Video

    Classy kid. Great representative of the school.
  7. Would be a nice replacement for Duffy!
  8. Shark84

    NCAA Significantly Changes Kickoff Rules

    How about just make it two hand touch.
  9. Shark84

    2018 HS - Trace Young - 6'8" SF

    Verbal Commits says he signed with Wyoming.
  10. Shark84

    Where are they now?

    Anyone have any information on how our former players that transferred did at their new schools this season? I know Combs re injured his ankle and didn't finish the year at LSU. I assume Ricky Brice never played due to legal issues. Where did Ja'Michael Brown end up? Hope Lawson and Fuller find a new school and play well. Sounds like Lawson wants to sit out a year and go D1.
  11. Shark84

    CBI Championship Game 3 Replay

    Can't download the ESPN watch app on my tablet. Any chance it will get put on YouTube or can be posted another way? I was there but would love to watch the national broadcast.
  12. Shark84

    San Francisco (3/28/18)

    Just found out that Greek activities have been cancelled tonight and that over 1000 greeks have redeemed tickets! Could be a fun environment! Go Mean Green!
  13. Shark84

    Grad transfer big man available

    Respect your elders, you young whipper snappers! North Texas State forever!!!!Go Mean Green.
  14. Illinois center/forward Michael Finke 6'10, 230 lbs. is leaving Illinois as a grad transfer. Not sure if he would fit in McCasland's system but he's a big body and averaged over 8 a game in the big ten. Might be worth kicking the tires on him.
  15. Shark84

    San Francisco (3/28/18)

    No fraternities or sororities tonight, it is Greek Week. Hopefully the dorm students will show up. Go Mean Green!