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  1. DRC chalk talk: UNT at Louisiana Tech

    Go Mean Green!
  2. Tyree Thompson De-commits per DRC

    Winning doesn't matter to most of these kids. It's all about the conference and level your program is at. We really could have used him to help out our defense but hopefully we can find someone who can help that wants to be at UNT.
  3. MGN: NT over UTSA

    Need to get some help for Wooldridge at PG. He's playing 40 minutes every game. Worry about injury and fatigue catching up later in the season and hopefully the conference tournament.
  4. Brice

    Where did Ricky Brice Jr. transfer?
  5. Brice

    Where did Ricky Brice Jr. transfer?
  6. UTEP (12/28/17)

    We definitely got a break. He shouldn't have gotten tossed. He was correct, the shot clock shouldn't have reset after the block. Must have said the magic words!
  7. UTEP (12/28/17)

    McCasland said after the game that once we start hitting free throws this team will really take off. Got to get Duffy and Miller contributing. Only 6 bench points tonight. Already matched last year's 8 wins. GMG!
  8. Independence Bowl

    Hope our players had fun in New Orleans. SL wanted to reward them with a fun bowl destination. Would have been cool to see how many mean green fans would have traveled to Shreveport.
  9. Sucks for us this year, but probably the best thing for his development and should be able to add some weight and be ready to make a real impact next year.
  10. A look at what we have

    We need to find a JC kicker to replace T. Moore.
  11. McNeese State (12/9/17)

    I wouldn't expect much from him this year. I think he's a interesting project that needs to gain some weight and a year of practice under this good coaching staff. Wonder if he has a red shirt available?
  12. CHALLENGE - Send a Student to New Orleans

    I'm sending two.
  13. Senior Bowl

    Any Mean Green have a shot at getting invited to play in one of the senior show case games? I'm thinking Trevor Moore has a great chance and definitely deserving!