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  1. The stadium holds 65k and they showed up for the Saints games-- 58k against Buffalo, 65k against Atlanta, 64k against Detroit
  2. For everyone suggesting that you go out west, what has changed? When it was suggested that UNT (and maybe ULL and ArkSt) defect to the WAC with UTSA, TXST, LaTech, and NMST most of the people on your board said no way. You didn't want to go west again because of start times, lack of tv and print coverage, travel.
  3. pull this out of last year's helmet thread. Green on Green with White SoW and Oregon style shoulders. People liked the helmet, but mixed reviews on the shoulders. In the end, I would probably scrap them http://imageshack.us...s/593/gmg3.jpg/
  4. That would assume that we have mods that do their job. I'm pretty sure that the Mods have given up on the board.
  5. Just let them go back to East Texas State.....
  6. Shh.. That's our plan. Oh wait, never mind, I guess we're heading to the SBC
  7. I know that you guys have been opposed to going west again, but one of the Tulsa fans preferred a MWC-East to CUSA-West. Would you be opposed to a region which includes the Front Range schools? CUSA WEST Rice Tulane La. Tech UNT UTSA or MTSU Tulsa or MWC EAST UTEP New Mexico Colorado St. Air Force Wyoming Tulsa Are you still excited about your move to CUSA if Tulsa and UTEP bolt for MWC? With Tulsa gone you could see - Rice Tulane La. Tech UNT UTSA MUTS
  8. Before you get all hot and bothered, he's used that same line on all the girls. “I’ve been consistent in saying there isn’t any reason one of those five (remaining WAC) schools or perhaps a Texas State or Texas-San Antonio can’t become the next Boise State" - http://www.idahostatesman.com/2011/06/29/v-print/1709703/broncos-grateful-exit.html
  9. It seems like a no-brainer for you guys to bring us in for a game. We are a local team that has a proven track record of bringing people on the road. Also, a win is a win for bowl eligibility. This is why Baylor, SMU, TCU, and Houston have had no problems scheduling us for a game. But I have read the argument on this board before that you guys see yourself as better than us and you don't want to recognize us as your equals so you won't play us to avoid comparisons
  10. This picture isn't very flattering either.
  11. I meant to say you know like when the Mavericks use "Lets Go Mavs" There is that better
  12. Having never been to your stadium, I can't say how y'all currently use the GMG, but you could use it like the Spurs MAVERICKS use Go Spurs Go "LET's GO MAVS". You know when the time is right for cheers like this. It's an easy cheer that everyone can scream in unison. EDIT - Upon further discussion, it has been decided that I should avoid anything Spurs when making suggestions on this board.
  13. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Green on Green with SoW and Oregon-style "Eagle Wings"
  14. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Green and White
  15. It was a great place for a poor college student from Tarleton. Thursday night meant live music on the patio. $4 got you a sliced brisket sandwich on a jalapeno bun, all the beans you could eat, and all the beer you could drink. Free beer came about because Erath County was dry. Bars and Restaurants had to get a permit from the local government before they could sell. One of the local bar owners had too much influence on the committee and denied their liquor license because they were less than a mile from his own bar/restaurant. However, there was nothing on the books about giving beer away to patrons and Hard8 used the loophole to keep the patrons happy. When they first opened, it was Shiner Bock. I am sure the owner lost his ass on that deal because when I went back last fall, it was Coors Original.
  16. This thread is useless without pictures. 1. Hays County BBQ (formerly Woody's) in San Marcos. This might be the homer pick, but it was voted Best BBQ in Hays County (which includes Driftwood) by the local fishwrap. Their brisket has the right amount of marbling and the homemade sausage is awesome. 2. Iron Works in Austin. My rib looked like it came off a brontosaurus and tasted amazing 3. Hard 8 in Stephenville. You can smell the pits as soon as you park, plenty to choose from and great flavor. The all-you-care-to-drink free beer is an added bonus. 4. Blacks in Lockhart. Lockhart has to be in the Top-5, now is it Blacks/Kruetz/Smittys. I bought brisket and ribs from all three and did the taste test. They were all very comparable, but I like sauce. Black's sauce trumps Smitty's and beats Kruetz's no sauce by default. I agree that City Market in Luling has good flavor, and their edict that you don't need silverware is great. However, sauce is a big part of it for me and I am not a fan of their mustard based sauce. I guess its the same reason that I really don't care about the Salt Lick. One benefit for scheduling the Bobcats in San Marcos is that we have so many outstanding BBQ joints within 30 miles. On the list to try - Snow's in Lexington, Franklin BBQ Austin, Harold's in Abilene, Mt. Zion in Huntsville.
  17. Work the clock, take smart shots, play defense. Looking good Mean Green
  18. Sure, we will play every year once you join us in the WAC.
  19. I went to the UNT campus over the weekend while I was in town for the FCS Championship game. I had never been there. Luckily the SuperPit was unlocked and I had a chance to sneak inside. On top of that, I saw Fouts, the Model A, and a long distance view of the new stadium.
  20. Oh, I agree and I promise that I am not trying to be an a-hole. There was no reason for UNT to leave the Sun Belt for WAC2012. It is completely unstable, in jeopardy of losing its conference status, and the bowl situation looks like Marty McFly's family picture. However, two years ago when I was on this board, you guys were still vehemently opposed to the WAC. Even with the top-4 football schools and the renewed rivalry with NMSU, you still didn't want to touch it because media would suffer, late night games would be bad for the team, cost too much, multiple timezones. What changed your mind? Is it because the reputation is stronger top to bottom? Because an East/West format would make divisional play would make it more affordable and span less timezones? Is it the Mtn/Vs tv contract? Lastly who would you want #12 to be and who would you want to be your travel partner? SDSU / Hawaii Fresno / Boise UNR / UNLV CSU / Wyo NM / UNT AF / ?
  21. +1 rep, but I thought you guys didn't want to be in a Western conference
  22. A couple of rumors are circling the bobcat boards. I. Join Dad in San Marcos. (fans thought without base since Fran has not been publicly offered the job.) Ii. Told to resign or he would be fired (rumor comes from someone who knows the beat writer for the BCS Eagle)
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