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  1. Thoughts and Prayers to the Greene family From 24//7sports.com A post on former Houston Oilers great Earl Campbell's Facebook page says that legendary Steelers defensive lineman Joe Greene's wife Agnes has passed away. "Thoughts and prayers to my friend and Pittsburgh Steeler Joe Greene who's wife just passed," the post reads. "The world is going miss such a great woman. She always said hello to me at the hall of fame and was always so generous. You and your family are in my prayers Joe." We haven't seen any other confirmation of this news, although Campbell's Facebook is a verified account. Click here to see the post. Greene and Campbell made for a famous moment on the football field back in 1980. "One of the memorable hits Greene inflicted on Campbell occurred during the Jan. 6, 1980 AFC Championship game and was voted by Steelers fans as the fourth-greatest play in Three Rivers Stadium history as part of the team's Last Season Celebration," says Steelers.com.
  2. Ahhh, the 'tolerance' of the left. Because anyone with a differing opinion must be silenced.
  3. Wow, shows how ugly rumors get spread. Im not a Sig Ep but I was on campus during the time frame you mentioned and I don't recall them ever being kicked off campus for selling drugs or any other reason. They sold their house to the University and it was boarded up after the sale. The house wasn't closed down for drug trafficking Sig Eps used the proceeds of the sale to build their new house on Greek Row. It's the huge monstrosity on the corner of Welch & Maple.
  4. LivingSocial.com deal on tickets. $30 tickets for $17 each. Section 238 Row 5 Enter Special Code LSOCIAL to access offer.
  5. To begin with everybody is reading this wrong. Of thet $10k/yr, $5000 would be put into the fund for the players likeness that would be paid when they graduate/leave school. It's not a total of $15,000, So each player gets $5000 per school year. That breaks down to less than $140 a week during a 9 month school year. That's not a lot to buy your personal items, put gas in a car, take your girlfriend out, etc. Heck in some SEC schools this would be a pay cut for the players!
  6. SMU may not be any good but they are a known entity. We get more recognition from the casual observer around these parts by beating a known SMU program rather than a bunch of wins over Troy, F_U, or UL-whatever.
  7. It always amuses me to see people who see the point spread as Vegas' prediction of how the game will play out. IT'S NOT
  8. So SMU isn't a rivalry because SMUt has a 23 game edge in the series????? If that's the case then somebody better call these schools and tell them they don't have rivalries either, Series records are way to lopsided.... Iowa v. Iowa St.- Hawkeyes have a 19 game lead in the series, Minnesota v. Iowa - Forget that this is a trophy game.... Golden Gophers lead series by 17 games Michigan v. Minnesota - Another trophy game, Michigan leads by 49 games Michigan v. Michigan St - Wolverines lead by 35 games Texas v. OU- Why call it the Red River Rivalry- cant be a rivalry since the Horns lead the series by 17 games Texas v. Texas A&M- No rivalry here. Horns lead series by 39 game. Hell, these teams don't even play each other anymore.
  9. What arrogance. They still call us garbage and refuse to give us any credit.
  10. Really? That's bulletin board material? He didnt even mention us. What would you expect him to say?
  11. With all the suspensions, purges, and injuries the Longhorn roster has about as much depth as a Texas State Pi Phi's views on Kierkagaard
  12. I dont know if its the official team or fan hotel, but the Grand Hyatt is the newest and nicest hotel in downtown SA. Its also the closest to the Alamodome and adjacent to the convention center where the Riverwalk begins Right now you can book it for $119 a night for that Fri and Sat on Hotels.com
  13. Wont ever happen. San Antonio is the #37 TV market, Alamodome would be a temp venue at best. City would have to pony up for a new stadjum and the starting cost of a new NFL stadjum is $1 billion + nowadays. Seen this all before: Minnesota, New Orleans, Jacksonville, et al have flirted with SA to make their hometowns jealous and get better or new stadium deals.
  14. My opinion of Vizza was he was a spoiled rich kid who quit on his team because it was tougher than expected. I guess there's no place for him in daddy's car wash business so he's giving coaching a try.
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