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  1. Dennis Franchione hired Dickey as his new co-offensive coordinator at Texas State. He hired his son to the staff as well. Seems like pretty good hires to me....
  2. Sam Houston State has named six finalists for its vacant head football coach position, among them former University of Houston coach Kim Helton, current UH co-offensive coordinator Jason Phillips, former Blinn College coach Willie Fritz and Klein Oak coach Dave Smith. Sam Houston State athletics director Bobby Williams said the on-campus interviews will take place Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. The Bearkats are looking for a replacement for Todd Whitten, who was fired last month. “At that point, I will consult with university president Dr. James Gaertner and we will work together to reach a decision as soon as possible,” Williams said in a statement. The other three candidates are New Mexico offensive coordinator Darrell Dickey, who led North Texas to four straight Sun Belt titles and former A&M Consolidated and Killeen Harker Heights head coach Ross Rogers. This is from an article today in the Houston Chronicle.
  3. This is f**king beautiful. Nice work. Get the banner made. GMG!
  4. Man, LOVE your optimism. However, have you seen LSU's Defense?
  5. Goodness, RLT. How I miss learning to write an incident report and "Behind Closed Doors". Do they still have that?
  6. I am proud of our large student body, but it's not about school size. Remember, UTSA has about 25,000 students and Notre Dame probably has between 5000 and 8000.
  7. Also, did anyone address the moratorium issue. I thought the NCAA was letting WKU in as the last school.
  8. Don't forget about Tarleton State University (TSU) in Stephenville.
  9. That's great news if we were able to get a medical redshirt for him (assuming he comes back in form).
  10. What's up with Cam? He looked very good with the few carries he got last year and they didn't use him much. I was at the SMU game last year and Mosely looked solid, but Montgomery looked much better when he came in, but they rarely ran him. Is he not a good blocker? Did he piss the coaches off?
  11. I know I must be in the extreme minority right now, but I have always liked Chris Berman. Believe it or not, sports reporting was boring before him. Everybody gets pissed here and there. Especially with idiots at work. It's OK if you've never liked him, but now everybody's going to jump on the "let's wave our shame on you finger" all over this dude just from one youtube clip. That is all. GMG!
  12. Here is a list of the Team Texas protected players: 1. BJ Symons QB Texas Tech 2. Paul Mosely RB Baylor 3. Adrian Madise WR TCU 4. Alan Rueber OL Texas A&M 5. Phillip Hawkins OL Houston 6. Bryce Reed OL Texas A&M 7. Ranorris Ray S TCU 8. Wade Koehl LB Houston 9. Phillip Geiggar S Texas 10. Jonathan Palafox OL Angelo State 11. Wes Bautovich CB Texas A&M 12. Will Gulley CB Houston 13. Jason Hunt WR Trinity 14. Beny Rouse OL Texas Southern 15. Larry Hayden LB Texas State 16. John Kirk OL Texas A&M 17. William Blaylock OL Baylor 18. Lance Everson LB Houston 19. Don McGee S North Texas 20. Kliff Kingsbury QB Texas Tech 21. John Syptak LB Rice 22. Stacey Thomas S Texas Southern 23. Chad Price CB Rice 24. Kyle Green DE Angelo State 25. Rolando Humphrey CB Southern Methodist 26. Jared Scruggs P Rice 27. Sean Weston CB Texas A&M 28. Eric Buchanan CB TCU 29. Justin Warren LB Texas A&M Also, Chad Price – Rice - Chad looks like a small speedy DB. He started 42 consecutive games for the Owls. Chad once tried to tackle Vince Young. Don't worry Chad...lots of people tried. Chris Leak topples over much more easily. John Kirk - Texas A&M - I've been told that this John Kirk from Ft. Worth and not John Kirk from Athens who also played for the Aggie squad team. John plays on the OL and joins former teammate Adam Reuber Johnny Quinn – North Texas - Johnny is another speedy WR. He signed with the Bills last year but was cut before the season started. He tried out with the Packers as late as November 13th. Will Gulley – Houston - Will played saftey for the Cougars and had a few near misses with a couple of NFL teams. Larry Hayden – Texas State - Larry is a DE that earned 3 letters with the Bobcats. Just to keep everyone caught up, here is the know 'protected' list so far: Johnny Quinn - WR - North Texas John Kirk - OL - Texas A&M Chad Price - DB - Rice BJ Symons - QB - Texas Tech Phillip Geigger - DB - Texas Alan Reuber - OL - Texas A&M Wade Koehl - LB - University of Houston Jason Hunt - WR - Trinity University Kyle Green - DE - Angelo State Wes Bautovich - S - Texas A&M Will Gulley - S - Houston Larry Hayden - DE - Texas State
  13. Let's not forget that June Jones does have some Texas ties. He coached for the Houston Oilers and the Houston Gamblers (USFL). I also agree that it doesn't really matter, though. You can make success wherever you go. GMG!
  14. I applaud the coach for sticking up for his player, but I think he went a little far with the tirade. I see his point in that it might be a bit unfair to print this sort of editorial on an amateur athelete, but just remember that we have a little thing in this country called the 1st amendment that protects our freedom of speech and opinion. Also, I seem to remember my parents giving me one piece of advice that might be relevant here. They said "Son, sometimes people are going to talk bad about you. Let it go. Don't let it bother you. If it still bothers you that much, prove 'em wrong." I like that you protect your players coach, but maybe everybody needs just a little bit thicker skin. GMG!
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