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Found 5 results

  1. Hate to bring up uniform talk on a Monday but when we start play in the AAC I hope we stop with the Uniform of the week changes. Pick a home set and a road set and stay with it. Not saying that we couldn't do occasional special uniforms, but when you change weekly nothings really special. And also, no uniforms without names on the back.
  2. Another uniform thread! https://ucfknights.exposure.co/a-familiar-flight These may be the most bad-ass alternate/throwback/feauxback/tribute uniforms I've ever seen. It's chock full of little details and even some trolling of USF. I love it.
  3. So the new UCLA jerseys were accidentally leaked by Under Armor, and this sparked my mind wondering when are we going to get that new uniform announcement. I know there has been talks especially from a recent post that there will be new uniforms for the upcoming season. I'm hoping it's sometime later this month, I know it's a great recruiting tool and as a student and fan I'm really looking forward to seeing what the Mean Green will don next!
  4. Hey guys! Just for the heck of it, I've compiled a list showing the results of North Texas football games, over the last five years, based on the different uniform combinations worn throughout that time period. I feel that these seasons best reflect an overall trend towards uniform variation throughout college football, and they also coincide with beginning of the Mean Green's relationship with Nike. The evidence presented here, although purely anecdotal, suggests that a return to the "blackout" look may be in order. ;) Results by Uniform Combination HELMET JERSEY PANTS W-L Win % PF-PA PD Avg PD White White White 0-2 .000 27-80 -53 -26.5 White White Green 0-1 .000 7-41 -34 -34 White Green White 1-1 .500 47-72 -25 -12.5 Green Green Green 3-2 .600 147-90 57 11.4 Green Green White 9-6 .600 449-332 117 7.8 Green White Green 2-7 .222 143-344 -201 -22.3 Green White White 4-12 .250 367-527 -160 -10 Green Black Black 2-0 1.000 69-23 46 23 Black Black Black 3-1 .750 105-80 25 6.25 Black Green Green 0-3 .000 69-113 -44 -14.6 Black White Black 0-2 .000 41-84 -43 -21.5 Results by Uniform Component HELMET: White 1-4 .200 81-193 -112 -22.4 Green 20-27 .426 1175-1316 -141 -3 Black 3-6 .333 215-277 -62 -6.8 JERSEY: White 6-24 .200 585-1076 -491 -16.3 Green 13-12 .520 712-607 105 4.2 Black 5-1 .833 174-103 71 11.83 PANTS: White 14-21 .400 890-1011 -121 -3.4 Green 5-13 .277 366-588 -222 -12.33 Black 5.-3 .625 215-187 28 3.5
  5. Does North Texas have to wear the new uniforms? I assume we still have the old ones, and I'm fairly sure Nike isn't paying us to wear these. Could the athletic department simple leave them on the shelf and let the team suit up in last seasons uniforms? Just wondering.
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