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  1. HS qb’s to develop is a waste of time. Use NIL dollars to sign transfer qb’s and DT.
  2. UTD or do you mean STD? Just checking.
  3. So true it is hard to get to excited knowing UNT will have to reload every year. Good news all G5’s are in the same boat.
  4. Wow, do we have a better recruiter than Mc??? Awesome pick up.
  5. PAC, MWC, AAC should do some type of merger.
  6. It’s a ten year depreciating asset! Worth it!
  7. LSU for me as it can be a life and death situation. Went to watch Notre Dame play with an alum. ND won, I told him to turn his apparel inside out if he wanted to make it home! Night games is a bunch of drunks!
  8. It is coming to HS. It already has in Ca.
  9. What the G5’s never had the balls to do, will now be forced to do. Our own playoffs and championship game.
  10. Does NIL dictate this kind of move? I think it does simply because having a freshman back up qb that can be really good could be a negative in loosing him the following year to NIL money if he had success on the field. Smart move.
  11. Salary caps are in every single professional sport. I have been preaching G5 separation for a long time. Now is the time to separate and create your own playoffs with a championship game. I just want a mid-major that is continuously successful like BB, Soccer, Softball have been.
  12. Not being able to develop Stone is a big strike against Coach. He had a good completion % and had wheels with a competitive nature. Looked like the perfect candidate for Morris. I wanted Chandler with the idea Stone would be a back up or situational player. I hope the defense is at least average.
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