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  1. Okay, the stunt dogs were a cute halftime show. It was fun to watch their excitement.
  2. Yeah, this has been a bit sloppy until the last couple of minutes. Awwwww! We just had an engagement on the big screen!
  3. We were in section 103 that night, about halfway up, and it was way up high. Every time it flashed, it made a bunch of stuff glow, and we could keep seeing it in our peripheral vision.
  4. Glad to see one in the win column! We ended up leaving shortly into the first half. That flashing light got to both of us and we both had headaches. See y'all next game.
  5. Wahoooooo landed a 3 at the buzzer to end the first half. 42-27 UNT.
  6. Looking more alive now on those transitions. 29-19 UNT at 4:39.
  7. Good gravy, gents, let's quit turning over the ball. 14-14 at 9:20.
  8. This flashing white light is about to give me a headache.
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