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  1. Thanks for putting out the facts. I wondered what happened (since I don't have a newspaper.)
  2. Thanks for putting out the facts. I wondered what happened (since I don't have a newspaper.)
  3. Finally got to the Snake Pit in '71. Rockin' place. Great write up, Eagle '71 and photos, too. Had to miss the Jan. '69 game; was in Vietnam.
  4. New Mexico? Where's my remote? Frisco? Whur my car keys?
  5. Kansas State?  Give me a break.


  6. Really enjoyed the LA Times article. Thanks for posting. My NTSU degree was put on hold when drafted into the military and had to finish my accounting degree when back from Vietnam. Even though I was never a gung-ho soldier, seeing UNT on the field with West Point had an special emotional component for this old coot. Good job with this site, too.
  7. Rod Rust did not like walk-ons. That may have been one of his recruiting negatives.
  8. I've been a UNT fan a long time and the last time UNT players said SMU was a bad team, the Eagles got seriously embarrassed. SMU will not be easy. SHould be a great game and party while hosting SMU in the (still) new stadium.
  9. Really good looking manly footware. I like best the pair that reads "UNT Eagles." Great job!
  10. New Union?! I was at NTSU when they were building the current one which was then state of the art.
  11. I like it. Need more Eagles with the Mean Green.
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