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  1. I could live with the losses if recruiting wasn't going so poorly -- if there was a promise of something better come. But there's nothing measurable that supports that hope. The reality is, he won eight games and a middle-of-the-road hometown bowl game with someone else's recruits -- and we acted like he won the SEC. If we lose Saturday, I expect he'll be relieved of his duties as Head Coach, given the rest of the season off. Then work out a settlement for the rest of the contract. I really like Dan McCarney the man. But the coach isn't getting it done. And the stakes are too high to accept an 0-12 season in a coach's fifth year.
  2. Yeah, I mean, how a guy performs in practice is generally what AD's use to decide whether or not they'll bring back a head football coach.
  3. He doesn't have a QB that can win five years into his time at NT.
  4. It would seem. But I'd argue we're still in a better position than they are. They run their operation out of a Mickey Mouse stadium. The rest of their athletic programs aren't nearly as competitive as ours (though I'd love to have baseball), and their location all but requires them to find talent well outside their backyard. They have a better game-plan. But we've still got a 7-mile head-start in the marathon that is college athletics. Of course, it would behoove us to not dick about any further and get moving, lest they continue to close that ever-narrowing gap.
  5. They also got blasted by UH two weeks ago.
  6. If people keep moving to Texas in droves, anything is possible 10 years from now.
  7. And I'm not one of them. But I also think the idea that it's to spite fans or borne out of some fear of people thinking he's wrong is completely absurd. It's one of two things: It's as you suggested -- he's just flat-out wrong. Or there's no one better on the roster. Either way, it's far from ideal.
  8. Since you brought up lawyers, I'll say "objection: speculation" to this entire post.
  9. Seriously? At the end of the day, you're judged on your wins and your losses -- not who started and who didn't. There isn't a head coach in college football that would rather lose than be wrong about a QB.
  10. Pretty much sums it all up. And now we cry.
  11. I think it's a little bit different. Regardless, if we don't have a QB in Year Five, there's not any real reason to believe we'll have on in Year Six, Year Seven, etc.
  12. Agreed. And I hope that happens. I just don't believe it will. After USM, we've got Portland State, WKU and Marshall. So realistically, we'll be 1-6 going into our game against UTSA. If you don't pull a win out against Portland State, you're looking at 0-7. That's completely unacceptable for a fifth-year coach. Yes, there's a lot of football left to play. But we're not trending upward, at present. And that's the cause for alarm. My point was, other teams don't wait until they're mathematically eliminated to try something else when it isn't working. They make the change before they're eliminated in hopes it gives them a better opportunity to win -- and so far, it's worked out better for both programs/teams I cited.
  13. At least then they get to root for a team that has a chance to win, with coaches that believe they can, in a program that has made a commitment to doing so. Can you really blame anyone? I didn't go to NT because of their athletic programs. I honestly didn't even know UNT fielded a football team until I got to college. I mean honestly, what's the point of rooting for a program that doesn't hold coaches accountable for winning? What fun is that? Because it's ours? There are a lot of ways to support one's university that have nothing to do with athletics. I'm not cutting bait and heading home, but surely one could understand why a fan of UNT in general might hedge their Saturday with a team that at least acts like it wants to win.
  14. The Texans and the Longhorns both said they felt really good about their starting QB's going into Week One -- and neither team started said QB after Week One. They were wrong and UNT is too. McNulty is what he is. There's no upside to keeping him in as the starter at 0-3, 0-4, 0-5, etc, because he's gone after this year. If we're not going to win the conference -- and we're not -- there's no point in keeping him in there. Further, if this team loses to Portland State in front of the handful of fans that show up to Homecoming, I'd fire the coach the next day. At least then you've got a head start on finding a replacement and salvaging this recruitment cycle. The longer you wait, the deeper the hole you leave for Mac's successor.
  15. Hahaha this is all so ridiculous I don't even know what to say anymore. Hard to figure where a win comes, looking over the schedule. And if we can't win a couple games in a coach's fifth year, something needs to be done. And if nothing is done, it's time to take a really good look at the reason why.
  16. This is truth. Recruiting rankings are mostly BS when your team is ranked poorly. If we pulled in a Top 50 class, everyone on this board would celebrating -- myself included.
  17. I think I originally said 3 wins. I'm willing to stay there, as so far nothing's happened that I didn't expect to happen.
  18. My thoughts are these: Who cares what happens. Just go up there and pull out all stops. You've got nothing to lose except another game. Play loose. Play backyard ball. We're up there to get a check. Maybe we mess around and make people notice us for a couple quarters. Maybe not. Just don't keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.
  19. It's already happening. We'd do well to follow UH's lead in several areas -- not just athletics.
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