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  1. Brilliant. Thanks for posting. Our women have been quite amazing over the years. Just look at Soccer, Softball, Volleyball, improvement in Basketball ... all respect to the ladies. Each of these sports has knocked off top 20 teams on a yearly basis along with major conference wins, not just C-USA. And dont give me political crap for saying, damn good looking bunch. Go Mean Green !!
  2. I have not logged in for a long long time, yet I have been reading this forum since it started. Following the ones prior to that actually. I dont post very often yet this one is truly an amazing accomplishment. This is the first of its kind in NCAA history .. not just C-USA, not just for North Texas. Definitely read the ESPN story along with others. North Texas has been in the public a lot this year .... and this is a fantastic example as to why.
  3. Been monitoring North Texas chat rooms for a long long time. I dont post much anymore yet this deserves one. Always respected Johnny Jones. Anyhow, a few months back just before the end of the BBall season I was at a restaurant in Santa Clara. Johnny and the Nevada came through the door. As I walked by him I stopped to say hello. He stopped and spoke to me for at least 10 minutes .. asking me my name, when I was at North Texas, etc. Went out of his way to say hello and talk. Great guy and I wish him all the best. We all have jobs. But sometimes you meet somebody who respe
  4. Okay ... last post for a while but eppy4life really made me laugh to myself. And he didnt respond with some crap statement like some others who obviously have nothing else to do but find it easier to complain and make fun than talk about the matter at hand. Sorry for any inconvenience, but dont want others to be affected. That being said, it is somebody currently on the Florida State coaching staff. I hear there have been discussions, yet it is not a "done deal" ... something that is being discussed seriously. I promise to add more after I get some more insight and verify things.
  5. Fair enough ... here is more. Note, that the person who told me this also confirmed that Dodge would be our coach before it was released to the pubic. Two things particularly got my attention. 1. the situation of the team, practice, environment, players complaints, etc. - of which look to have been resolved. No need to go into this more. 2. The #1 person that I have heard as a potential new coach ... I have not seen his name mentioned in the latest threads along with Leach, etc. That is all I am going to say. go ahead and knock the thread ... doesn't bother me. Hopefully i
  6. Okay, for those of you who have been on this forum for many years, back into the mid 90's and more, you should know that I dont write much and dont write simply to get my name up n the board. Over the years I have helped, watched, listened and read the multiple formats we have used through the years, and the latest threads covering coaching could use some intel. I spoke with a rep. from the University that will remain anonymous. You simply need to know that the person speaks from years of involvement within the University system. Following the forum I felt that I knew a great deal
  7. I admit that it has been a while since I made a game as I dont live in Dallas. But while on business this week I made it an important part of my schedule. Some thouhts and reflection to share: * crowd. back in the early 90's we had smaller crowds, no doubt. They made noise but only had fewer voices/butts in the seats. Last night was a good crowd. Even though it was cold out (windy) people came and brought their kids and they were wearing green which was really nice to see. The difference was that at a few important times in the game the crowd started to chant "North -- Texas" and "Defe
  8. okay - so why couldnt we play at cowboy stadium --- we did so with A&M and drew a nice crowd. Just thinking out loud. I would take cowboy stadium and national exposure on thursday night. Perhaps Im just a little frustrated. I am still waiting for the Air force game and soem other teams to come to our house.
  9. I realize taht not everyone likes the Fouts facility, but it is better than some others that are getting teams to come to their house. No reflection on FAU as I am a psuedo fan since my parents live close to the campus - down on the water - its a nice place to be. I am really pulling for FAU tonight. However, OK State is playing in florida against FAU on national TV in a stadium that is being used off campus until FAU can get a stadium built. I have been to the stadium, saw them play Colgate in the 1-AA semi finals a couple years ago. Plain and simple, Fouts is a better facility and would
  10. I will try to keep general impressions so as not to give specifics on any particular individual. First Impression: practice was well organized. Every time a whistle blew, everyone on the field knew where to go and how much time they had to get there. Inidivuals jogged to areas - didnt waste time. Facilities: Very nice. Lots of work being done to tennis pavilion. Looks to be a really nice set up with nice location. Took a quick look inside athletic center and the facilities are top notch. Everything in order, clean, put away. Very nice facility. Caught my eye: One of the offices (
  11. I was just looking through the last mag and found that last page. And, I realize just how good looking our women's team truly is ... not just in looks mind u, but on the court. Seeing that pic made me want to see another game. But damn, they look good!
  12. 1. First thing is I noticed that UCF has now joined the MAC. Hope it works out well for them. Really interested to see how the SBC and other conferences shape up in the next several months. I was looking for a little more in the way of changes before the season begins. Anybody hear anything else ... legitimate of course. 2. I see that FIU is starting football this year. Yeah for them. 3. Anybody know how Kassel is doing? I have seen 2 other LBs sign thus far. 4. SBC on TV !! Fantastic. 5. What's the latest news on Baker?
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