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Found 12 results

  1. American Athletic Conference (AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco didn't shy away from voicing his concerns about the state of college football and its future during his annual media day press conference. It's not news that numerous issues have raised flags in the realm of college football and college athletics since the end of the 2021-22 seasons. In fact, Aresco listed a heavy handful, including but not limited to conference realignment; name, image and likeness (NIL) deals; the Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) potentially breaking away from the NCAA; and college sports becoming too professionalized. He called it a new and challenging era in college sports, something unprecedented and unsettling, having been years in the making. Now, Aresco sees collegiate athletics at a pivotal point. Conference realignment in the FBS "It's been in the news. It's sent shockwaves through the college sports landscape, boiled the water of college sports and continues to do so. It affected the AAC last year and may again, we don't know. Three of our members – UCF, Cincinnati and Houston – will depart the conference in July 2023. We appreciate their important contributions to our conference's legacy over the last decade and we'll enjoy having them compete in the American this season." read more: https://www.cincinnati.com/story/sports/college/university-of-cincinnati/2022/07/28/aac-commissioner-mike-aresco-speaks-numerous-issues-college-football-realignment-nil-fbs-ncaa/10173044002/
  2. I really hope I am wrong but I see this as the beginning of the end of CFB as we know and love it. You just can't march the money train backwards or employ real revenue sharing that makes the other USA Sports Leagues successful. Either these new media rights deals will be wildly profitable for the outlets and they will subsequently have to pay the players or they will expand the playoff to 16 with a smaller field of teams playing at the FBS level. The regular season product will be deluded even more. In 2032 the networks will have the data to figure out the viability of these super conference media rights deals and I don't think the numbers will be as good as they hope for. There will be an uptick for the SEC at least early on if Texas and OU are good. But the reality of the viewership numbers of UCLA & USC games versus all those middle tier Big 10 teams looking just like the viewership numbers of those LA teams versus the all the middle and lower tier Pac 12 teams they play now.
  3. Read more: https://www.dallasnews.com/opinion/editorials/2021/07/30/our-conference-realignment-wish-list/
  4. The highlight of the article was JMU’s head Coach stating that they wouldn’t be moving up to the FBS level unless given a perfect opportunity. He then goes on to say that the FCS Playoffs are better than any mid-major bowl anyway. An interesting statement. Does C-USA have a future and should North Texas be a part of it? http://pilotonline.com/sports/college/elsewhere/article_b0a126b4-e374-5b05-8f2b-1900ecc0d63e.html
  5. If you look at what we know - based on this map from the Orlando Sentinel (Link) it's pretty clear how the conference divisions will shake out. Please note that they mistakenly left ECU and Tulane out on this map. If you assume Tulsa leaves in 2014 -- then here's how it could play out and it also highlights the need for a WESTERN replacement to even out the divisions...if your Western Kentucky that has to concern you a bit -- because the new C-USA east has become very East heavy on teams.. if you are Ark State it could mean good news for your future C-USA prospects. C-USA 2013 (12 Teams) C-USA EAST (6) East Carolina Marshall FIU UAB USM La. Tech (could be east or west switch with Tulane) C-USA West (6) UTEP North Texas UTSA Rice Tulsa Tulane (could be east or west switch with (La. Tech) C-USA 2014 (12 Teams) C-USA EAST (6) Old Dominion Marshall FIU FAU UAB Middle Tennessee C-USA West (6) UTEP North Texas UTSA Rice La. Tech USM C-USA 2015 (13-Teams) C-USA EAST (7) Old Dominion Marshall FIU FAU UAB Middle Tennessee Charlotte C-USA West (6) UTEP North Texas UTSA Rice La. Tech USM
  6. From Heading For The Exits. I think this serves as a good follow-up to CurveItAround's excellent .?do=embed' frameborder='0' data-embedContent> It shows the complete conference realignment, flow-chart style. I never realized how much of CUSA and the Big East have been shaken up in this till now.
  7. Maryland and Rutgers to Big-10? http://espn.go.com/college-football/story/_/id/8644587/maryland-terrapins-rutgers-scarlet-knights-talks-join-big-ten-conference-sources-say It'd be tough for Maryland bc of the buyout. How about if the Big East loses another member!! I'm sure others wouldn't be far behind....again
  8. Farmer's response read more: http://www.theadvertiser.com/article/20120522/SPORTS02/205220326/Farmer-UL-ready-move-up?odyssey=nav|head
  9. Texas has been courting Notre Dame carefully since the summer of 2010. Will the Irish finally feel compelled to jump into the Big 12, which would require its own set of surgical tools (because Notre Dame's NBC contract doesn't expire until after the 2015 season)? For Notre Dame to join the Big 12 in football any time before that, the Big 12 would have to create some unique revenue-sharing formula for one or two years that would allow Notre Dame to share in some of the Big 12's money, but not all of it, for Tier 1 and Tier 2 in football. There would also have to be some caveat about what slot Notre Dame would qualify for in the postseason out of the Big 12, since the Irish's schedule would still be more of an independent's schedule. Would Notre Dame be able to qualify at no higher than the Big 12's No. 3 slot for a bowl game unless its BCS ranking put the Irish in the Top 4, thus qualifying ND for a proposed four-team playoff? And would Notre Dame even qualify for the new Big 12-SEC bowl game if its in the Big 12 in everything but football? There's a lot of work that would need to get done to accommodate the Irish, who have some locks in its schedule (USC and Navy) that ND won't want to part with. (Other rivalries on their schedule are more expendable than you'd think.) The Irish could be an equal partner in Tier 1 basketball if Notre Dame bolts the Big East in its non-football sports, sources said. Still, there's been no consensus even in the Big 12 about how Notre Dame would be worked in - as a full football member or as a member in everything but football. All we know is that Texas athletic director DeLoss Dodds has been courting Irish athletic director Jack Swarbrick like a reluctant prom date for three years. Read more: http://texas.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1367286
  10. Imagine the 64 teams across the country playing for the big jackpot, but around them are all the others, the Middle Tennessees, the New Mexico States and Idahos, not to mention schools like Old Dominion, Charlotte, Georgia State and others that have been encouraged to start up programs headed for the big time. If the other 60 teams – there will be 124 recognized as major college programs this fall – played seasons knowing that four champions from that group would be elevated to the Super 64, the existing bowls could be the locations for those events. That means the four bottom teams each season would fall out of the Super 64, which makes the cliché about every game counting actually mean something. Read more: http://www.greenvilleonline.com/article/BS/20120522/SPORTS/305220061/New-map-college-football-might-room-everyone?odyssey=nav%7Chead
  11. Read more: http://www.thenewsst...TES02/120523018 This post has been promoted to an article
  12. read more: http://www.dentonrc.com/sports/colleges/north-texas-headlines/20120430-breaking-news-unt-expected-to-join-conference-usa-this-week.ece
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