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  1. 31 minutes ago, Green with Envy said:

    What is the honest angle of offering some of these kids?  Let’s look at Kelvion Riggins for example.  He picks up P5 offers every other day.  And not P5- offers, P5++ offers.  And they offered first. 

    Do we think we can recruit against Bama, OU, Mich, Georgia, etc?

    Do we hope that we can in 2 years when they are ‘commitment ready’?

    Are we doing so to get/keep our name out there with mega-programs? 

    Would I take the kid or kids like him? Absolutely.  LFG. Just wonder what type of intent there is behind these types of offers.  

    In today's game you build relationships incase they want to come back to their home area one day.

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  2. 5 minutes ago, CMJ said:

    NT 34 -------- UTEP 30


    12:13 to go



    Thankfully the Miners are struggling from behind the arc.  We've missed at least five layups today.   Sissoko with some nice minutes for us.

    Seems like every game we miss several layups 

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  3. Here we have another example where a player who was ranked a 4* was changed to a 5* AFTER he enrolled at Ole Miss. There was another story where a player going to Miami (I believe) was downgraded from a 5* to a 4* a few days ago after not having played a game in a couple of months. 247 used to be respectable, but now it seems like they guess at the 3* players, and play a lot of politics when it comes to the 4* and 5* players. Especially for G5 schools and recruits don't put much emphasis on their rankings, seems like they don't really know, or care that much about giving a serious evaluation unless you are going to a top P5.





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  4. We all see the headlines on the amount of money a lot of FBS coaches make, but when you look around a lot of these young coaches are not getting paid very well. If you ever look at footballscoop.com at the smaller colleges and the jobs they advertise it makes you wonder how they can make it. It make sense why a lot of very talented young coaches go to work for High School programs. So a shout out and thank you to those who work their way through the ranks.

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  5. 28 minutes ago, DentonStang said:

    So he's never really coached much college and by all accounts he bought his way to success in high school. That doesn't seem like a good hire?

    In all honesty, it sounds like something you guys would try.  The thing we keep hearing about on how you will improve is how SMU can pay more than others; sounds a lot like Poggi's path.

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