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  1. 6 minutes ago, All About UNT said:

    Give me Wyoming any day. Their fans on the mwc forum gave zero respect to North Texas as a potential addition.

    I think we would match up better against Wyoming. Also, not a fan of going to Boise to play Boise 

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  2. 1 hour ago, shaft said:

    This thread is full of bad fans trying a pathetic pivot.  

    So fans that are not happy with #Hit6 in year 6 of the highest paid coach in the conference are bad fans. I guess if we wen 1-11 you would consider yourself a great fan. Just because your a sheep don't blame others who are actually tired of #OLDDENTON.

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  3. 9 minutes ago, MeanGreenTexan said:

    Yeah.  This is what I heard.   I dunno what Adler was listening to.   Thought his NIL deal with Pampers was funny, but kinda took it to mean he was leaning towards not coming back so he could enter the workforce & actually make money.

    Having a kid can change your priorities

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  4. 1 minute ago, UNTexas said:

    Not sure where they got their info but UTEP fans are saying with our win they likely go to Albuquerque and we go to Frisco. It would be great PR for the Frisco campus that is coming right along just a stone throw from the stadium. Not to mention our tie ins with the Cowboys. 

    I think the UTEP fans were just guessing.

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  5. 9 minutes ago, casual fan said:

    Littrell's 37-37 record doesn't looks so bad when you compare it to the 28-69 combined record of the prior 2 coaches.

    Their teams quit on them.  Just saying.

    During previous years we always heard if we had more resources we could do so much more. Sorry, but comparing what we have now to the performances does not cut it. Your logic seems to be that we suck less so we should not be expecting more.

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  6. Congratulations for the turn-around. I did not think this was possible after the 1-6 start. I would still like to see us make a change, but I don't think Wren wanted to make a change and now this give him a pass on making the call. End of the day, I might complain, but will still support whoever has the job come next season. 

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  7. Watching the BU v TT game a DB for Baylor just goth ejected for targeting. Legitimate call. The announcer even commented that the running back had also lowered his head and used the crown of his helmet first. Why not call offensive targeting. It's a rules, but as a friend of mine who is a HS referee said, it's not something they like to call or are asked to enforce. Seems if player safety was really as important as they say you would see more, heck even any, offensive targeting calls. 

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