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  1. Wow and Basset being back I’m thinking WKU will be favored to win it all again no?
  2. Chris Davis Geo Odufuwa Tony Mitchell Josh White javion Hamlet Tristan Thompson
  3. All spring sports have been cancelled. There will be no spring practice unless something changes.
  4. Nothing about that team impressed me. How can Jalie keep her job after this? It won’t be better next year. This is Benford 2.0
  5. Great news. Just wish someday we could have this same feeling in other sports like football.
  6. Katelyn Waltemyer, a junior at James Madison University in Virginia, was stunned by what she learned during a seemingly simple assignment for the campus newspaper: dissecting the school's tuition bill. Buried in each student's yearly cost of almost $23,000 was a required fee of $2,340 solely to finance the school's sports teams. The money was not for using the gym, or for funding student clubs and activities. It was only for underwriting the costs of athletic teams — and a student could only find out about it by visiting and searching the school's website. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/amp/ncna1145171
  7. Spot on. The way to handle this is to say we owe it to these guys on the bench to help them find a home where they will get to play.
  8. This was all BS. Guy just wanted UNT to pay him more than the market rate and used unsuspecting patrons as the leverage. NY subs came out very good on this. Next.
  9. I still think they want people’s to buy tickets Thru UNT even if they don’t get to every game or attend at all. That helps them pay the bills.
  10. Where and when can you pick up the Basketball Nets celebrating our Conference Win. Thanks Dave
  11. I am not happy for Woolridge and I hope it doesn’t work out for him. What he did was selfish especially to his teammates. This Kuymbaya bullshit when people f you over is 4 the birds.
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