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  1. Looks like they offered his brother as well:
  2. Agree with you but I just can’t see UT giving up their network.
  3. Why not— we could just have everyone 6 feet apart? Concessions is one of the things we most enjoy.
  4. We should hope and pray for that. Aggies will not be gentle at Kyle.
  5. The bigger concern for the G5, and the new NIL rules, won’t be a widening gap between them and the P5. It will be a widening gap between the top of the G5 and the bottom. Brands in the G5 that have more gravitational pull, geographic strongholds, and prior success are about to start competing closer to the level of a bottom to middle tier P5 program in recruiting. Smaller G5 brands simply won’t be able to keep up. read more: https://www.underdogdynasty.com/2020/4/30/21242048/how-new-nil-rules-will-change-g5-recruiting-group-of-five-power-five-aac-cusa-sun-belt-mwc-mac
  6. He wasn’t confident last year it appears.
  7. I believe this is from Mason's agent ☝️☝️ - may help to explain things.
  8. It is for the other 10 schools tho.
  9. Fine was not drafted. Very sad day.
  10. I disagree that you have to have students on campus to have football games. Students could be remote and you could have the athletes be there and still video tape the games for everyone else.
  11. So what is on the chopping block for UNT? Swimming or track is my guess.
  12. This guy Joe is very talented indeed.
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