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  1. Maybe... but that's what I am trained to do (current UNT Clinical Health Psychology and Behavioral Medicine Doctoral Student). And everyone knows you have to be half-crazy anyway just to go into psychology. However, I'd like to hear a better explanation as to why he would rotate Matt or Daniel in... he has seen them play for 1.5 years. He knows what they can do. I seriously doubt they could overcome the Woody challenge, and I suspect that DD knows this too...
  2. I offered up my point of view to your question in the above personal rant.
  3. DD already said he will rotate QB's at Tulsa. I think Meager will enter. DD has one last promise to break.
  4. We earned our way off, while at the same time propelling SMU to #6.
  5. I have a new rant: Tulsa will mark the completion of 25% of the regular season. I am concerned that DD still touts the QB rotation thing. Woody is now a highly rated QB (see CBS sports line; he’d be #3 in the nation in ESPN’s rating if he started), despite the rotations. I have thought long and hard about this QB rotation. I've come to the conclusion that DD is extremely uncomfortable breaking promises he made to his QB's when recruiting them. His emotions are getting the best of him. Of course, I don't know this - I only suspect this. He seems unable to tell Matt and Daniel that Woody is (and should be) the starter. He is still tries to provide the veil of "the spot can be yours with the right performance," knowing that neither Matt nor Daniel can overcome Woody's performance. By default, they will relieve themselves from the position (thus relieving him from doing it) after playing with little or no points generated. If correct, this puts our Tulsa win in jeopardy, and I can only hope that Woody & Co. has time put more points on the board after Woody re-enters the game. I am sure DD made promises to Matt, and especially to Daniel, before Woody came around, but DD needs to do what is right for this team, right now.
  6. Good point. We should win all of these, and maybe we will. I was hard on DD since UT, but have backed off a bit pending future performances. Right now, we seem to back on track somewhat. But, you are only as good as your last win DD! One observation: I see the amount of stock most everyone puts in Woody Wilson, including myself. I sure hope he stays injury free for the rest of the season (and the next 2 years). My biggest fear is that he is tall (6" 1') and small (relatively speaking, 180 lbs) and is going to get blasted occasionally when running through the defense. We could be back to a bland offensive if he ever gets injured.
  7. So it sounds like Jamario could potentially have rough sailing this season? Hopefully Wilson's scrambling ability will keep the defenses from simply ramming us up the middle, which could free up some running room for Jamario.
  8. Last night I stayed up and re-watched us smash SMU. We looked great in a number of departments, many of which have already been commented on in this forum after our win. However, one major area of concern was Jamario's lackluster stats until the 4th quarter. Many runs were ho-hum that ended on the line of scrimmage or for a 1 or 2 yard gain. My intention here is not to dog Jamario. Everyone knows he is talented, and he ended up with decent stats when it was all over. Nonetheless, should I be concerned with this? Or is this a typical start for him? I started my graduate education at UNT in 2005 (and we know how that season went for Jamario) so I don't have any background to judge this performance. Maybe he is a slow starter? Offensive line problems? Any comments?
  9. Point well taken. I didn't realize the animosity these people have for us. Doesn't make sense to me. I guess I don't understand the history due to my newbie status.
  10. You know, I am newbie poster & may be out of line here, but I don't like classless behavior. Remember the "hapless high school football team" comment reeled at us by one media head after the UT game? The SMU supporter didn't come to our boards to get slammed. He was trying to show respect, as well as his frustration. Why can't you just talk to the guy? Mean Green are classy people… win or lose.
  11. I might. I am UNT doctoral student that lives mostly off student loans. I am going to check on hotel cost, etc. , so I may see y'all out there. I look forward to meeting other Mean Green fanatics.
  12. Thanks for the heads up on Woody. Hopefully he will start next week and meet the these requirements. I want to see Woodrow Wilson and UNT on the ESPN ratings! Of couse, I assume he will continue his impressive performance against Tulsa... BTW, REVENGE will be delivered soon to Tulsa for last years beating, and on their home turf! Moreover, I hope we embarrass alot of other teams this year after the sorry offensive performance at UT. Everyone thinks we're a push over.. ask SMU.
  13. Anyone recall what the odds were for the SMU game? I think someone posted them and had SMU up by a touch down or two. Hopefully, we can beat the Vegas odds on this game too.
  14. I forgot to add: if Woody was included in the ESPN national D-1A passing stats, he would be #6 in the nation based on QB Rating (190.7), and #3 in the nation for completion percentage (81.2%). Keep in mind, he garnered these stats against 2 OOC opponents: UT and SMU. I realize we are only 2 games into the season, and Woody still has alot to prove in upcoming games (starting with Tulsa!), but I can't help ignore his performance and stats. FYI: I gathered my Woody stats from meangreensports.com.
  15. I am a psychology doctoral student at UNT, but run a small computer technical support company for extra dough (I only tell you this to back up my claim). I don't think this is the same issue that your report, but I thought I'd post this since it is related. Mean Green Sports (Premium Area) has problems with their website. I noticed that their premium log-in has a serious cache/cookie related internet browser problem. Basically, after a log-in a time or two the data gets lost in cache land and you are unable to log into your mean green premium account. I emailed them last year and they gave me the "check with your computer manufacturer thing." Total BS. This will fix it: clear your cache/cookies in your internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc.), and then reload the web page. They also have problems with renewal subscriptions (I know, I renewed for the SMU game while visiting Atlanta this weekend) that I won't even go into. They need to get the premium content fixed! People won't subscribe or renew subscriptions with all these problems. We need all the money we can get for our athletics programs!
  16. Sorry, my subheading should have read "why ISN'T Woody Wilson included?" I couldn't edit it... sorry for the confusion.
  17. I was bragging to my brother, an Texas A&M fan, about our new QB, Woody Wilson. I sent him the impressive stats (190 QB rating with 81% completions!) to which he quickly replied, "why isn't he listed on ESPN D-1A QB Passing Leaders?" I had no idea, but told him probably b/c he has not started. Does anyone know for sure? Sorry if this is a newbie question. here is a link: ESPN QB Passing Leaders - D-1A
  18. Interesting post, but nothing else matters unless we start winning OOC games... period! If not, Troy is a shoe in. We have something special in Woody, which could change everything...he is the missing piece of puzzle... assuming he remains injury free. Kudos to DD & Co for the QB find. I still can’t believe no one picked him up after Arkansas lost interest.
  19. awesome story! awesome night! congrads to the both of you!
  20. Fantastic post LonghornScott! I really wish our coaches read this analogy as I believe this best articulates what many on this board have expressed. A "mistaken" 80 yard drive by Woody?!? I say first, "who cares!" I say next, "keep making mistakes." We need offensive improvisation and as many "mistakes" as possible.
  21. The above edited quotes are what I wish were coming out of DD's mouth, instead of that FSN interview where he said we have no chance b/c of our teams talent level. I especially like that the Troy coach said they are not worried about wearing their players down and that they are not a high school team. This coach plays to win no matter who they play, and understands that a hard fought loss can actually benefit recruiting. I bet he'd say the same thing if they played UT, OU, etc. We need to become a pesky team too!
  22. Oh Sh*t! I bet Meager starts. My stomach is churning. Guess we'll have to go 2 or more quarters with no points again, and then he can bring Woody to clean it up. Hopefully, it won't be too late. I had a funny thought while typing this, do think when Bomar expressed interest in UNT, DD responded, "I'll let you try out for the position."
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