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It's that time again! Barbershop podcast begins its 11th year of covering Mean Green football!  Join @Evan @Harry  and @BeyondTheGreen in the 180th show episode as they take a look at Fall Camp and breakdown their 2017 season impressions by position.  UNT Football recruiting guru @TheReal_jayD shares his latest thoughts and updates on the upward trending Mean Green recruiting class.

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The "fit the system" talk when recruiting was brought into the conversation is just so much doodoo. We haven't 'hit' on players yet. Can't play both sides of the coin...As in we can't say we 'hit' on a player when the given player(s) haven't played a snap of CFB. Just like according to many, we can't judge a class until they actually play CFB. Like I've said before, and I'll say again, do the higher rated players (with offer sheets to speak of) that we offer that have chosen to commit elsewhere not fit the system better. And that isn't a question. 

I get it. We need to hype up our kids. Our players. Our current and future commits. But to blatantly and now seemingly purposefully look over the facts for what they are is ludicrous. We have made some ripples of late, but the recruiting momentum has to continue in order to make waves. 


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It took me a minute to figure out why Harry was talking about Kate Pierson.


I finally realized that we have a "Kate Pierson" on the team now.

I think someone said that Coach Dickey will not be able to attend his HOF induction.

Very good podcast--I enjoyed it!

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