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  1. “Jordan Brown says I don’t like dancing” okay these stadium announcers ain’t too bad
  2. He has only really good stats and really bad stats. It’s bizarre
  3. Call me petty, but I would love to see this team just put up 70+ points for once. Today was a perfect chance for that lol
  4. How’s the atmosphere for anyone at the game? Can only hear the announcers on TV
  5. what years did we use these jerseys & colors? i fkn love it!
  6. The new AAC schools only get $2-3 million 😞 while the original AAC schools still get their $7 million
  7. Basically whoever loses this game, it spells catastrophe for either teams season. So this will be a dogfight. I’m actually excited for this one. NGL UNT - 31 FAU - 28
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