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  1. They're underpaid, plain and simple. Their job is to play football and if they want to sit out a game because of law of diminishing return, what ER or EE wouldn't skip that game. What about the fans, the fans should be upset with the system that makes players want to sit out because the current process is broken. The NCAA makes too much money for players to be put in this situation. Don't get upset with the players, these are 18-22 year old kids who have more riding on their future than the selfish fan who gets some bragging rights because their team won.
  2. This is a terrible analogy. Students spend years preparing for the NFL, not just 12 games. If there wasn't millions of dollars on the line, this would be a different story but that's not the case. Or better yet, how many of y'all would go to work for free because you want to help the company make more money? Please, just stop. Athletics is a business, everyone is making sure they're covering their own ass because no one else will save them.
  3. I thought college was to prepare you for your future not force you to make decisions based on capital gain for the University...
  4. Until the NCAA starts to pay players for their performance, this will be the new norm and it's not selfish. As everyone said, why don't coaches get this much heat?
  5. I have no idea but we have some pretty interesting degree choices as well. Still think it's a valid comparison to see if athletics helps grads get jobs like everyone is saying
  6. Please don't show facts, it feels good to say we need more money from students.
  7. I don't think employers are lining up to hire people from Boise State and Northen Illinois. I could be wrong but show me some facts that prove otherwise
  8. You are the most negative person I've met. I havent been on this board in months and maybe even and year and you still have nothing else better to do than complain on a message board...
  9. If you think spending $40-60m for high school stadiums an efficient use of tax payers dollars, then vote for it. But increasing tuition isn't in the best interest of the students long term financial health. Increasing taxes is easy, but the best increase efficiency by using what they have and find new ways to bring in revenue without putting that burden on someone else.
  10. So would everyone here vote "Yes" for increasing federal taxes, property taxes or creating a state tax? Students shouldnt pay more for athletics. I think everyone can agree that tuition is way too much and putting more debt on college students isnt the best solution for the students long term success. Just like no one wants to increase their taxes. $51 a semester sounds cheap now but lets add some interest over 10-20 years to that since most college students take out loans to pay for school.
  11. As I'm sub 30, I dont think it matters if we're UNT or North Texas... I mean, its basically the same... Better time could be spent elsewhere than changing just to change.
  12. “Generally speaking, mid-season coaching changes – other than making some fans happy – do more harm than good,” Baker said. “Less than five percent of coaching changes are made mid-season. It’s more destructive the constructive. It rarely greatly changes the trajectory of a season.” I guess he doesnt know about "Lock the Gate" Firing TD and having Chico as the interm was better for the program.
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