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  1. Hell of a coach too. I wouldn't mind of we hired him on for a 2nd tenure.
  2. We are punching bellow our weight with the amount of students and alumni we have. Agreed on the marketing, the other thing is people need to have something to cheer for. People don't turn out because the reputation of the football team is poor, but when they did have something good we did see fans show up. I think back to the LA Tech game under Littrell, it was the first time I genuinely thought there was a positive buzz around the team, then we took that momentum and rammed it into the ground, and never recovered. We need multiple years of that kind of success to make people change their attitudes about FB.
  3. You do know the term isn't literal right? What I said in quotes, "commuter school stigma." noun: stigma; plural noun: stigmas; plural noun: stigmata 1. a mark of disgrace associated with a particular circumstance, quality, or person. "the stigma of having gone to prison will always be with me" We can't get away from acting like a commuter school, not that there are literally no dorms on the campus. 45,000 students and 324,000 alumni in DFW, but we can't fill a 30k stadium?
  4. No doubt that having Law and Medicine on campus would be a good boost. The school of Business has 9,000 students, and 2,012 graduates. That's not a small number. So I ask again if these majors are sure fire supporters then there should be plenty of them going to games and donating money, right? "Mattress Mack" is one of the notable UNT business alumni, does he donate to the school? The School of Business has been around for nearly 80 years, they should have plenty of donors to pull from. Like I said the School of Liberal Arts & Social Science and the School of Music only make up 27% of the graduates, you can find the numbers in the PDF I linked above. Music is small, it only graduated 362. Your last sentence is the real answer. UNT can't shake the commuter school stigma and struggles to get donations/fan support across the entire campus. It doesn't help that the FB team dropped to 2A, and outside of the run Dickey made there has been no sustained success. We have had no fan building momentum in 2 decades.
  5. Engineering school was founded in 2003, that's over two decades, plural. Before that other engineering programs were offered: I'm not going to say our school has a crazy depth of alumni like some other schools, but days of UNT being a simple teacher's college and music school have been gone for a while. My main point is that people using the "art and music kids don't like sports" doesn't make statistical sense. Those students are outnumbered nearly 3 to 1.
  6. I'm a film major, yet here I am as well. That hasn't been true for quite some time. I'll give you Law since that has been around a 10 years only, the other schools have been around for decades. The school of Business has been around since the 40s, there is no shortage of alumni that the school has produced. The reality is people like to use this excuse without any real facts. From the numbers here, the number of graduates should closely match the size of schools. https://institutionalresearch.unt.edu/images/factbook_dair_2022-2023.pdf Taking the graduation numbers on page 36 and 37, UNT gave out 10,946 degrees in 2022. Even if you combined the School of Liberal Arts and Music that's only 27% of students. Are you really telling me the other 73% care about athletics? Where are those other thousands of students and alumni? The reality is we have low fan engagement across the board from years of mediocrity and no sustained success.
  7. If this theory were true wouldn't there be a strong core of business and other "sports loving" majors that have been fans for decades? Where are they?
  8. This is the answer, poor pick after poor pick for head coach have wasted decades and countless fans. Littrell was close, but ultimately didn't get there. All of the teams you named invested, brought in great hires, and made big runs to improve their reputations. If Morris fails, we need to open up the checkbook and get a real name head coach, or poach someone like JMU had last year.
  9. Agree, and I theorize it's one of two things. 1. The AD schedules soft so the teams can rack up wins and inflate their record. They are trying to build the fan base by showing we have "good teams" that win, hoping people don't care about who we play. 2. They AD is strapped for money and doing things on a shoe string budget, or they are horrible at negotiating.
  10. Perhaps, but people forget if things start to get dicey these conferences have the power to dial it back. They will adjust the rules and payouts to keep things going. If revenue does start to lower they will adjust and keep the golden goose going, at least they will if they are smart.
  11. It just doesn't make any kind of rational sense. Just think about it, the P4 already have a massive pay out, they are extracting the maximum amount of money they can. Where would this money come from? If it existed wouldn't you think it would already be proposed? The average G5 makes $1-2m a year, the B1G distributes $60m, the SEC $51m, the Big12 and ACC $44m. These teams don't need the G5, they can split off any time they want and take the vast majority of money with them. The G5 have 0 power in getting any ideas or proposals passed, it's why these conferences created autonomy for themselves. It's also why they get 90% of the CFP money, that's right, 90%. The G5 that's nearly half of FBS gets 9% of the payout. UNT will get $2m a year while B1G and SEC get $21m a year per team. I'm trying to say this in the nicest way possible, if you think about this in any critical thinking type of way it's clear that it would not make sense for any P4 team. No team is going to agree to lose that kind of money.
  12. I'd definitely take them over any Non-D1 team. With that type of mindset we'll always be a 1 bid league, playing a tough schedule and being ranked really helps elevate the league as a whole. The MWC got 5 teams in last year based on their performance, so that's 5 extra credits for 5 years that gain interest and net the conference more money. We need to have a goal of getting 3-4 teams in a year, and we are not going to do that by playing the types of teams we do.
  13. This has been brought up several times and I always ask the same thing. Why would any P4 team agree to this? What team would voluntarily sign up to lose millions of dollars, fans, donors, prestige, recruits, etc.? Schools fight to be in these conferences, but would be willing to just hand it over? Anyone who thinks this could work is only thinking from the G5 benefit side, and not the massive downside to any P4. The G5s have no leverage, that's why they are getting bent over at every turn, and saying thank you.
  14. Any of those besides SHSU would be solid opponents. I'd take them over LSU Shreveport and Mississippi Valley, and you can't tell me they wouldn't be open to doing a 1 for 1 deal to keep costs down.
  15. All of those teams are better than what we scheduled last year. I would love for Dayton, NMSU, Army, or Richmond to come to the Pit over Omaha, LSU Shreveport, and Angelo State. How can you not see the difference of the quality in teams? We can't get a single notable team to the Pit? Yes this is last year's schedule.
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