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  1. 11 hours ago, TIgreen01 said:

    I think very little of utsa the school.  Having said that, and after attending the championship game, as long as they can continue to draw to the Alamodome they will be a problem to deal with.  That dome provides them with a great atmosphere.  Another thing to consider is that the San Antonio news actually covers them and puts them on TV and in print.  We have Brett Vito.  That’s it.

     The draw for kids to play there will be there as long as they aren’t terrible.  Great atmosphere and TV coverage are real advantages.  

    We literally went from looking down at them to celebrating every recruit we got a commit from that was offered by utsa like they were superstars.  That‘s pretty telling and upsetting.  

    I look at it differently.  Every kid that commits to us over San Antonio CC is a smart one that we know won’t have trouble reading a play book or remembering how to tie their shoes.  

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  2. 23 minutes ago, meanrob said:

    Have a consistent marketing plan/theme for the whole season. 
    Do giveaways for the first four games at minimum. 
    Emphasize fun. 
    Do more than emails.

    Make sure the game day experience goes smoothly for Christ’s sake. Have ambassadors walk the tailgate and talk to people. 

    Quit making everything cookie cutter. You aren’t going to chase fans away so try different things. 


    Never forget that emails can be set to auto-send, so you could hypothetically set them up on Monday and take Friday off.

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