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  1. 1 minute ago, Professor Lambeau said:

    Would you have called a running play up the middle on 4th down? We need to know these things so we can be good stewards of that $50.

    I would have run the fake spike.  Just as likely to work as a dive that starts 6 yards behind the LOS…but far more entertaining. 

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  2. Just now, UNTcrazy727 said:

    Still odd you’re crapping on our QB when the defense had one of the worst efforts in recent memory (maybe ever?). 

    Oh no, this is a multiple dumpster fire.  There’s plenty to burning garbage smell to go around.   

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  3. 8 minutes ago, Green Crazy said:

    He's not good...that's obvious.  This is just a weird game to say it. He might have had his best game in 3 years.

    The defense on the other hand is embarrassing. Well, more embarrassing. 

    This may have been his best game in three years? Well then, I rest my case. The guy threw two interceptions today, one of them a pick six to a back up cornerback.  

    And take a look at his passing yards, and tell me how many of them were run after catch as opposed to distance that the ball travelled from his hand to the receiver.

    If you wanna downvote me for pointing out the obvious, let me ask you to answer hypothetical.  If you have the ball, on the opponent’s 15 yard line, and you know you have to get it into the end zone on this play…are you more comfortable running or letting Austin Aune throw a pass?

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  4. 6 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    This is seriously what you got after watching this game Emmitt? Maybe see if Jason Bean can get some sort of waiver to come back because he made Bowen’s defenses look so good I’m sure he could do the same for Bennett.

    He’s terrible.  T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E

    Our running game is fine, in fact better than fine…until defenses realize they need to have no respect for the passing game.  Then you see the run get stonewalled.   We have open receivers because teams have stacked the box, and often he STILL can’t hit them.  

    UNLV announcers, guys who don’t watch our team every week, were commenting on how poor his throws were.    Their synopsis of what you should know about our quarterback is he used to play baseball, he’s old, and he throws the ball at the ground.  

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