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  1. 6 hours ago, SMU2006 said:

    SMU is a school with an undergrad enrollment of 6,700 and we had over 20k in attendance for a week night game against a terrible Tulane team.  

    I get that a lot of folks here hate SMU but if we want to play the ratio game then a school with nearly 40k undergrads and having 13k against a pretty decent Liberty squad on a Saturday evening is well.....ya know.

    Let me say this just one more time.  You are smack dab in the middle of a city of 1.3 MILLION people.   

    Your enrollment is irrelevant…”Dallas’ Team”  can’t get .001% of Dallas to give two 💩’s 

  2. 2 Dykes, " For his next miracle, see Sonny makes 6,000 fans look a full house. Sonny can't continue to sell recruits on high school crowds."

    EVERYONE, outside of a few flat earthers in University Park, knows that this is the ceiling of potential at SMU

    Here’s the article (if you can get behind the pay wall) 


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  3. 7 minutes ago, MeanGreen_MBA said:

    Who in their right mind would sign such a contract?  Too many variables that could effect a schedule and record out of that coach’s controls some times. 

    Your job as a coach is to win football games.  Nothing more, nothing less.  

    My job is to address crime and disorder in the municipality where I am Police Chief.  The economy, unemployment, relative education levels of citizens, citizen carelessness and refusal to secure property, and even weather can effect crime…not a single one of them is acceptable as an excuse if the crime rate spikes and people can’t feel safe in their homes.  I adapt, or I am shown the door.  

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  4. I swear, some of you would be a real bummer to hang out at a bar with.  

    “You know that really attractive girl you’ve been talking to all night?  She says she’d love to continue talking and have a drink at your place.”

    ”Really??!  Wait, nevermind, she’ll probably just leave after we talk for a while…totally not worth it”

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  5. 2 minutes ago, SMU2006 said:

    The idea that SMU brings "nothing" to the Big 12 is silly.  SMU has built a Top 40 football program under Dykes and is committed to facilities upgrades north of $150M over the next five years.  Top 60 academic institution with a lot of ties to Fortune 500 in one of the largest cities in the nation.  $2.3 billion endowment.  Presidential Library.  More alums of Big 12 schools live in DFW than any other metro area in the nation.   

    I'm not saying SMU is a no-brainer.  We certainly have our warts as a small private school with less than 7,000 undergrads but to say we would add nothing is dumb.  

    I can see the conversations now.  

    Big XII member 1:  “We should invite SMU!  We have tons of DFW area alumni and they’d take over Ford Stadium every time we play there.”  

    Big XII commissioner:  “Tell me why you couldn’t just schedule them and do that now?”  

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  6. 4 minutes ago, Green Otaku said:

    I'm still weary if this is true. Let's not get ahead of ourselves until we see something more substantial. If you think about it adding 3 more Texas teams seems like a big question mark. 

    It’s a good move for the AAC if, and only if, they believe the MWC may want to get into Texas.  This move removes DFW, Houston, and San Antonio from their options.  

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