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  1. 40 minutes ago, UNT18Grad said:

    I really hope you're right.  Important to remember that Gunnell just had all spring to beat out the guy in front of him and clearly didn't, so let's not act like we are getting some big star.  From October 6, 2019 until today Arizona has won one football game so again I'm just taking this experience with some realistic expectations.

    Let’s be honest.  At Memphis he was trying to beat out the QB’s on their roster.  At North Texas he’s trying to overtake…Aune.  

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  2. #1- SL has NEVER, not once, proven he can win when it truly matters 

    #2- Despite having what seems like 30 different QB's on this roster over the last half decade, we still don't have one that makes you say "yeah, that's the guy!" during games

    #3- A WR room that has been full of "potential" for a while now still hasn't come close to matching what we had with Darden, Bussey, and Guyton

    #4- While we bring in transfers from FCS and D2 schools, our opponents bring in transfers from the P5 ranks.   You can say until you're blue in the face that people were "productive" at lower levels, but talent is talent is talent (if you don't believe this, watch film of games from years past).  

    #5- I can't quite put my finger on the exact reason, but this feels like the least excited I've been for a season in a long time.   Like, less excited than the last few years of Dickey or McCarney eras.  

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  3. 42 minutes ago, greenminer said:

    So far we have:

    Zach Simmons
    Jordan Williams
    Shannon Shorter
    TB III

    You give me that roster (in their college playing days) and any of the following, Josh White, Ryan Woolridge or Javion Hamlet, and I’ll put $10,000 on them to win CUSA this year.  

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  4. 32 minutes ago, Cr1028 said:

    At least the kids we have coming from ACU have some game experience.

    Just because they had “P5 talent” out of high school does not make them a FBS caliber player. They could have bad attitude, work ethic, off field issues, or a multitude of other issues that may have caused them to leave the vaunted P5. I’d take good kids from ACU with game experience all day over those P5ers.

    Teams that go 0-12 are also full of players with "game experience."   

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  5. 1 hour ago, Andrew said:

    I would reference when athletes leave their respective teams for “greener pastures”. Simply see Lebron leaving Cleveland. 

    So, back-to-back-to-back-to-back NBA Finals appearances and two titles in his first excursion away from Cleveland, and another title the second time he left, is what you’re resting your argument on?  

    Seriously man, do you just hand the keyboard to a monkey with a learning disability and say “Have at it!”??

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