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  1. Press conferences shouldn't be video'd. They are for the press to fill in quotes in the story they are about to write. Ever listened to Vito's questions? He is clearly asking about what he is about to write and needs quotes for the story. Nothing wrong with that, that is his job and why these exist.

    Now if you want to say something about the Kickoff event, where this exact same thing happens, you're spot on.


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  2. 9 hours ago, Arkstfan said:

    Everyone thinks gimmick when they need to think culture. Oh School X has inflatables for the kids and they draw well. Sorry but NO ONE is shelling out $20 a ticket and fight game day traffic for Junior to bop around on inflatables for 30 minutes. Where that work is places where it is just another amenity in the greater game day experience. Hell I'd look at the local society pages, identify anyone not involved in the program and persuade them to come tailgate and hook them up to a tailgate experience and make sure the area society page rag photographers are on hand to take their photo. Alumni Office ought to be doing similar for alumni newsletter/email. On my site one year I shot video of tailgates and interviewed people tailgating. What are you cooking, what's your rig set up, how'd you get started. Crap like that matters to people. Find me a damn school social media expert who ever touches that. 

    You get six home games and the guys on the home benches are the constant for all six. Selling people on watching the guys in the home uniforms where the whole the thing succeeds or fails.

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  3. 16 hours ago, untjim1995 said:

    This is the easiest schedule we have played as a FBS program since our return to I-A in 1995. We don’t play a Power team for the first time. OOC play is FCS spare, SMU, @Memphis, and @UNLV. Our conference is the worst in the country again—only FBS league that didn’t get even one team a vote in the AP poll to start the season. Rice, La Tech, and FIU are terrible—FAU, UTEP, WKU, UAB, and UTSA are all decent, but we aren’t gonna lose to all of them. 

    SL is one lucky SOB. Go into a make-it-or-break-it season and get this schedule to earn an extension. Getting to 7 wins gets him another 3 years added to his last year on his current contract. I fully expect that this will happen and we will go into AAC play with SL for 3 more seasons.

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  4. 12 hours ago, Green Crazy said:

    You make it seem as if the guy refuses to change off of Aune. I think it's obvious he doesn't want him to start.  Two years ago Bean started the season  and Aune and him went back and forth at a less than impressive manner that Aune ended up winning (against half the board's approval). Last year he gave Ruder two games before giving it to Aune and Ruder had the luxury of the starters playing before they got hurt, then Aune took over and didn't do well. Now, Aune was throwing to a walk-on (our best receiver last year) and 2nd and 3rd teamers, but also made horrible decisions/throws. FYI, I'm not a Aune fan and wish we had someone better. 

    It seems he knows Aune isn't the answer but goes back to him after his other choice does worse. Hopefully, Gunnell is the guy that takes over in the second half of the smu game like Fine did and rights the ship.

    best take on the thread, although...

    15 hours ago, Udomann said:

    Of that, we are 100% aligned.

    Good...bad.... Its UNT football. I've seen worse and I hope to see better. But just happy to have the excuse to day drink.

    best post of the day

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  5. 1 hour ago, Pellom said:

    I don’t doubt the disinterest or apathy, but I think it’s because Littrell raised the floor tremendously with two straight 9 win seasons. 

    I understand we all wanted to take the next step to bowl wins and conference titles and that hasn’t happened - but making 5 bowl games in 6 years is literally unprecedented here. 

    I’m not arguing Littrell is a savior. I’m not arguing that he can’t be fired even if we have a losing season. I think it’s very possible he would be. I am just saying it is very odd to me to see all the disinterest when things have been much worse for this program for the majority of the lifetime of every single person reading this post. 

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  6. On 5/18/2022 at 12:53 PM, MeanGreenTexan said:

    If you're one of those who are fine with 6 or 7 win seasons, then great!   These guys will get us there consistently because they're good!   I'm not saying Gunnell will be Aune 2.0.    ...but I'm also not saying he won't be.   We don't know.

    Also, I think you're talking about Erric Pegram.  Not Reggie.  Surely you don't think Reggie is one of the greatest RBs you've ever seen in your time watching the Mean Green?    But the fact that you would confuse the two (forgetting about Reggie, who, again, wasn't BAD, but wasn't the gamebreaker we hoped as a P5 transfer), is proving my point.

    And there's a reason I didn't include Jackson.   Excited about this guy.

    When in our history have we had consistent 6-7 win seasons?

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