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Found 7 results

  1. We all know the current situation Seth Littrell and the UNT Football team are in, currently sitting at 1-6 the Mean Green would have to win out to qualify for a bowl game. This puts UNT in a weird position, because Littrell's big contract, firing him means a 2 million dollar buyout. With a looming conference change, UNT is probably wanting a fresh start. Down below I've listed 3 strong candidates that UNT should go after to replace Littrell, to start the American Conference era on the right foot. Doc Hudson The Hudson Hornet knows one or two things about winning. Doc won the Piston Cup three times in his lengthy Racing Career, he also holds the most wins in a single season (16). My favorite thing about Doc is his leadership ability, in Lighting McQueen's 2015 final race for the Piston Cup he put together a group of cars with no experience. They almost won but McQueen opted for sportsmanship over winning the big race. Doc can bring a winning attitude to the athletic department and the Mean Green football team. His track record is flawless and reminds me a lot of Tom Landry. Jon Gruden I know you are probably thinking "why would we want a guy facing so many allegations" well two words.... Super Bowl. Imagine the next person to coach the Mean Green has won a Super Bowl. Bringing a NFL level coach to the American conference would give UNT such a great advantage. Gruden probably has no interest from any NFL or D1 athletic program, so this is our time to pounce. People will forget about what happened in the past month with Gruden by the time the season finishes. Ride Littrell out for the rest of the season then snag Gruden. George Dunham Former Mean Green play by play voice for 20 years and morning show host at the Ticket needs to make a change from the brodcast booth to down on the field. Dunham screams UNT, donors would have no problem paying him a contract like Littrell. The one thing that separates Dunham from the other two candidates on this post is his ability to keep a listener. With that ability he could change the culture and gravitate the players towards him. Dunham is a no brainer for this job.
  2. Please anyone sell me retaining Seth till the end of the season if he isn’t going to see what the other quarterbacks on the roster with eligibility for 2022 have to offer. Because this is very depressing season so far. Seth isn’t (and shouldn’t) save his job for the 2022 season without 3 more wins and not looking terrible in the losses. I think that is the standard for retention and it appears there is a 90% chance of that not happening. What is the point keeping Seth other than limiting transfers because the players like Drummond like him? Of his most prize recruits currently not injured, Drummond is the centerpiece which is why a focus on him. The highlight video is decent but other than the throw at around 1:49 I just think is he an average looking FBS level QB recruit. That throw you could say he threw his receiver to the open space and it looked like a difficult throw. All the rest just showed decent arm strength and accuracy on deep balls. That is great but I think we all know that isn’t the bread and butter of this offense. Mason accuracy in within 20 yards of the line of scrimmage was deadly the receivers would catch and run those receptions for long distances. Maybe Bryce has that also but the highlight video doesn’t showcase that. (And so far we have seen that Aune nor Ruder appear to have that accuracy). So if Drummond is the key to the future why not see him now? And if Seth is reluctant to play him after seeing the bad QB play we have seen so far that tells us one of 3 things. . Drummond isn’t that good, Seth didn’t evaluate properly or didn’t coach him up to be a legitimate option. All 3 are bad and they represent issues among others the new coach will need to fix. With all that said please tell me why I shouldn’t fill my liquor cabinet with an embarrassing amount of “libations” before watching Seth trout out leading this team again.
  3. Join @Evan, @Harry and @TheReal_jayD as they recap a big 30-7 home win against Southern Miss and the upcoming HUGE road game against UAB. GMG.com Barbershop Podcast #199 AUDIO LINK
  4. GO VOTE There are a lot of cool designs here and I love that schools are putting so much effort into little things like these. IMO, the Mean Green's is the best for simplicity's sake.
  5. On a side note -- anyone know where this room is? Sort of looks like the Victory dorm cafeteria space but not sure. Looks nice!
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