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Found 6 results

  1. An interesting and funny take on why UCF’s national title claim isn’t as goofy as it sounds. http://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/21954302/ucf-not-first-school-call-national-champion
  2. Matt Sarzniak reporting on potential G5 media deals: http://mattsarzsports.blogspot.com/2017/06/the-group-of-five-conferences-tv-rights.html?m=1
  3. Today I heard debates about prominent NFL prospects sitting out their final Bowl Games and I got me to thinking. There is a lot of interconnected greed hurting college football as a whole and the bowl games and playoffs are symptomatic of it. There has always been an easy win vs win for all FBS level programs when it comes to the post season. And I wish I knew the real reason (or rather the power player would admit what I suspect) why this simple solution has not been implemented. First let me identify my 3 biggest gripes with college football. 1. Non Power 5 programs have virtually no shot at ever proving themselves worthy to even compete for a national title. 2. Throughout the entire history of College Football Bowl games are mostly irrelevant. (At best maybe 4 mattered before the implementation of the BCS) 3. P5 power teams almost never play G5 teams on the road My simple solution (many have thought of it before) is a 4 team playoff after the bowl games. There are some minor tweaks that would need to be implemented to make sure an undefeated G5 team like Western Michigan would get a shot in getting into the final 4 after winning their bowl game. [That tweak is that an undefeated G5 team or maybe one ranked 12 or better with only 1 loss gets a top 6 ranked team in their bowl game]. First of all with all apologies to Ohio State fans who might run across this, but I believe it is utter bullshit that they are the 3rd rank team in the playoff and the other teams in the playoff won their conference. Best case OSU should have been 4th if you they were determined to put them in over Penn State. Conference champions deserve better bowl games than their conference mates that they beat head to head. In post bowl playoff this would not be an issue because they would have to win their bowl game to get into the post-bowl game playoff. The post bowl game 4 team playoff would ensure that almost any bowl featuring a top 10 team would be highly contested. Also this post bowl playoff would make winning your conference critical so give your team the power to select the best bowl possible to give you a shot at the playoff. The semi-finals of the playoff would be played at the home stadiums of the 1 and 2 seeded teams and that national championship game would rotate between the New Year's 6 bowl game sites. My question to the my fellow GMG members is what are the road blocks to this? And is this plan the best plan to balance the considerations for the bowl game committees, playoffs, and fair competition?
  4. In another discussion we are debating out of conference opponents. Everyone whats to get a good P5 team to come to Apogee. However it got me to thinking; What teams that we have never played before would you want UNT to play regardless of location? My top 5 are below. What are yours? 1. Michigan 2. USC 3. Notre Dame 4. Oregon 5. Ohio State
  5. Yet another program finds itself in the midst of a scheduling quandary as a result of the P5 conferences decision to schedule games that will enhance the profile of their resumes in order to compete in the College Playoff system set to begin this fall. This time however, the school that finds itself in the cross hairs of this decision, is the storied and powerful independent, BYU. When the ACC announced that BYU would not count as P5 competition for scheduling purposes within the ACC schedule mandates, a potential major hurdle was placed in front of the traditionally competitive BYU program. The college football landscape is going through its most dramatic overhaul in more than 2 decades. The new College Playoff system threatens to place schools like BYU on the outside looking in on the P5's competitive and financial advantage. This is all the more dramatic for BYU, as it was only a few short years ago that the program was mentioned as a serious candidate for the B12. Now however, BYU finds itself in the same boat as the rest of the G5 schools, wondering what the new scheduling philosophy means to them long term. BYU seems to be heading towards a crossroads in terms of its ability to maintain its independent status and remain relevant in the FBS. Serious thought to joining one of the G5 conferences has now become a necessity instead of a luxury for the nationally known BYU program. In a move to reduce some of the sting from the new scheduling reality in FBS football, BYU has already begun a quasi relationship with the AAC. Something that that American Conference and BYU can both potentially benefit from. Read more: http://g5conferencenews.blogspot.com/2014/05/byu-and-g5-how-byu-could-shake-up-g5.html?m=1
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