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  1. Memphis BBQ is primarily rub based. This isn't Kansas City. But I will also be there, also will have too much to drink, and I hope you enjoy the hell out of yourself. Glad you are making the trip up.
  2. Guys, come on now. I know I am the "enemy" here but some of these responses are funny even to me hahaha. @Coffee and TV basically nailed it. Do not take the points. Take the over. Our defense will give up chunk plays and explosive plays. I love those dudes, but that is just what we have done for years. We have dominated off of explosiveness and big time turnovers/stops when it counted. Since my guy Norvell left for Florida State (which as a young season ticket holder/booster I am still recovering from) we haven't had 3 NFL running backs/WR on the field at the same time. So at times we sputter on O because of the lack of playmaking. I watched Seth L. talk about our D, but our defense has always been physical and fast, but will give up that "WTF" moment more than I like to admit. Do I believe the Tigers should win, yes. 100%. But a score of 48-37 is definitely realistic. Some of these 13, 10, 7, scores for NT is actually funny to me. No way. Unless you run the triple option. Just go back and watch the SMU-Memphis Gameday game from 19 when we won the conference and played in the Cotton Bowl. Our defense is the same with different personnel and an awesome coordinator I like from Ohio State, but we have always lacked on D. Our D is a Big 12 D. Slow someone down and get one stop. I hate the outscore mentality but until I see different it is what it is. Makes for good TV but stroke worthy watching a game as a fan. You guys will score. I take no OOC game as an automatic anymore. UTSA rolled in last year down big and out...yet...came back and won in the Liberty Bowl. I am still hurt from that. Memphis is now 23-1 in the last 24 OOC game opportunities. No one thought UTSA was going to break that streak. I hate to admit it, but it will be a game. Even the possibility of UNT sneaking it out. I hope one of those scores from @TripleGrad, @KingDL1, or my favorite @Tom McKrackin is the result, but not likely.
  3. Hey NT fans, I have been reading through some of the Gunnell talk on here. I thought I would take the time to share Seth's presser today. He gives some insight into the kind of dude Gunnell seems to be and their relationship. I know the fan base here was excited to get him when he transferred in; unfortunately injuries prevented Grant from getting a shot at filling in after Brady White's departure. Now Seth commands the Offensive side. I do believe if he gets healthy and right you have a very solid QB option moving into AAC play next year.
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