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  1. His shuttle and 3 cone times showed what NFL teams would want to see in a slot receiver. Quick and elusive. The 40 time is not elite but, very good. Young man will be drafted and hopefully will have a long productive career.
  2. So today’s my birthday. I opened my email and saw an email from UNT congratulating me and giving me a 10% coupon for merchandise and free shipping. I think “I’d like a new hat and shirt.” Pick what I want and start online checkout. Enter my code and get a message that the code is invalid. Really!!! Just mean(green)...
  3. I remember reading a few years ago that UNT wants the diving eagle to be our logo. That UNT wants that logo to instantly be associated by anyone that sees it to think of the university. So why do we keep using that boring logo and jersey? Once every couple of years, okay. We need all the recruiting help we can get. Please use the modern jerseys and helmets. Kids/players do care what they look like in them. Honoring the past doesn’t mean you have to dress like them. Just my 2 cents...
  4. Geez, I forgot about his suspension. Even worse what we did today.
  5. And have won 7 of them. Think we beat LaTech? Hopefully we can beat UTEP.
  6. That is not an excuse! UTSA brought in an entire new coaching staff, offensive scheme and switched to a 3-4 defense. No spring ball and limited fall practice. They looked much better than us.
  7. The DC at utsa is new and switched them to a 3-4 scheme this season. Made our defense look absolutely horrible.
  8. My grandson has a Baby Scrappy on his onesie. Just covered by his mommas arms.
  9. I want to see UNT be a dominant team in CUSA. Until then I will enjoy the little things.
  10. My grandson is wearing a baby Scrappy on his onesie. Just covered up by his mommas arms.
  11. It is unfortunate this year our team is bad. But, this is the real reason I bring my family to games. GMG!!! IMG_7324.MOV
  12. “They were out there and one played.” That is confusing. On the depth chart the Murphy’s are listed as second string. But a fullback was converted and recorded 11 tackles with one week practice??? I thought they are so talented and are the future???
  13. I didn’t see the Murphy brothers either. Our starting MIKE was last week’s fullback. Betting it was contact tracing for C-19.
  14. I have “tried” to watch every game that has been streamed. Always have trouble. I stream through Frontier on a LG 4K tv that is less than a year old. is it Frontier that is the problem?
  15. ESPN/Disney needs to figure their crappy streaming service out. If this is the future for sports they need to invest in better service. currently it sucks!!!
  16. Trying to watch UNT Men’s basketball game. Constantly crashes and tells me the video is not available and to try again later. Later will be when the game is over. Anyone else have this problem? Is there a solution? I paid my fee to watch.
  17. When I picked up my season tickets I was told I could no longer use my folding stadium seats. I would have to purchase a foam cushion or purchase the green plastic seats for this season. My wife wants a seat with a back, so I paid to have the green seats installed. At the smu game people all over the stadium were carrying in and using their folding stadium seats. What gives??? Did they see sucker on my forehead??? Anybody else told they couldn’t use their folding stadium seats?
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