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  1. Those aren’t d1 college track times but for a football player they are very solid times. If you’re a skill kid and can run high 10s you’re good. If you’re running 11.55 and you’re an DE/LB most would take that any day of the week. It’s not ungodly slow for a football player. For a D1 track kid: yes.
  2. Ok we have had what? 1 guy at the combine in the last how many years? Kinda proves my point.
  3. Im wondering if there is some politics going on with this. I am not saying we have tons of NFL talent, but its a little absurd to think we never have a guy to be invited to a combine. If this is true, and we have no NFL level talent: we need to give this coaching staff major props.
  4. This has more to do with OL play imo.
  5. Saw this today while at a powerlifting meet in Edna, TX
  6. I’m more pointing towards the post about Cobbs and Byrd
  7. Do y’all just pick a former RB that is currently coaching and assume he is taking the position? That’s retarded.
  8. That def isn’t the Wing T...more like Double-tight flexbone. But hey sb nation see a weird formation it’s always wing t
  9. I thought it was pretty funny lol. Especially when y’all are getting excited for BEAVER NUGGETS, Oh boy!!!
  10. I swear some of y’all know nothin about football.
  11. https://www.mylifetime.com/shows/married-at-first-sight/cast/mia-bally-tristan-thompson
  12. I’ve been all over. Robinson, Honey Grove, Harker Heights and now here. Got a position couldn’t turn down.
  13. I guess you would say Mid? About 30 miles east of Victoria, TX. I know we play @PlummMeanGreen old school of Danbury this year. Don’t worry about security lol. It says the name of the school/town on the account ha
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