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  1. Why "F SMU"? If North Texas were in the same position to triple the SMU coach's salary (and you felt he was the right man for the job) you wouldn't do it?
  2. Kinda jives with what I was told late last night that there were some issues internally with the search committee. Wouldn't surprise me if he stays. Its never over until the coach is at the podium for the press conference!
  3. Good question. I would say between NIL and the transfer portal there is a good chance for SMU to put a quality product on the floor next year. That said, the new coach won't be expected to have immediate success given the roster turnover and, as you've pointed out, a change in play style. It wasn't that long ago that Moody was standing-room only with 7,000 plus in attendance for home games and SMU was in the Top 25. It has everything to do with winning and not the style of play.
  4. Ah yes Sam Rice. Old age and whiskey has robbed me (thankfully) of the memories of the end of the June era.
  5. Jank had 7 years to get the program to the NCAA tournament (and no I don't count the early years when he inherited the roster Larry Brown built). The program was stuck in neutral. NIT is not the goal. It isn't like SMU is firing coaches after two years. I think its reasonable that if we're willing to pay Top 25 money that mixing in an NCAA tournament appearance or two should be the bar.
  6. Why? The "money is the root of all evil" mantra is nonsense. These coaches spend nearly every waking hour grinding through practices, recruiting, donor events, etc. They earn every last penny of what they are paid. 100 plus hour weeks are the norm. If someone has the marketability to triple their earning potential in the coaching profession they should absolutely do it. You owe to yourself and your family.
  7. No the perception will be that a coach had an opportunity to triple his salary without having to uproot his family. I think the perception stuff is way overblown. Coaches and agents won't view UNT any differently if he decides to leave for SMU.
  8. No I get the point I just think its a silly phrase. If UNT had six or seven old billionaires you'd have marble busts of their mugs outside of the football stadium for all to see.
  9. I'm guessing you work for free?
  10. "boomer money". Pretty sure the bank doesn't care if you're 20 or 80 if the money is green.
  11. Didn't an SMU lineman transfer to UNT a few years back? Can't remember the name. Specifically re: Siggers he's a nice depth piece and a good kid. Looking forward to seeing him and Camar Wheaton sharing the load next year.
  12. I don't understand this rationale. Anytime someone has the potential to triple their salary it would be professional malpractice not to at least entertain it. It doesn't mean that its a "bad look" for UNT nor is it a bad thing for SMU if he's the guy.
  13. As of this AM its not done.
  14. I hear ya. If he/she is doing their job they're squeezing SMU (and UNT) for everything they possibly can. You'll never have more leverage.
  15. 8. Same source that told me Dykes was leaving for TCU weeks before it became more widely reported.
  16. How so? Genuinely not trolling in any way. My wife is a UNT alum and I'm excited to have the Mean Green in the AAC.
  17. That's premature based on what I heard this evening.
  18. Only thing I was told is there are two other candidates that have expressed interest in the job that would meet the "WOW" criteria (whatever that means). Money may actually be the holdup there b/c I think that to get into that territory you're looking at north of $3m annually plus a significantly increased pool for the assistants. Don't know if Miller et al. are willing to do that.
  19. 3/2.5 is a solid floor plan!
  20. Nope. He's a football guy.
  21. Can't speak to that with any certainty.
  22. SMU owns a few homes in University Park. Sonny's house was a block off of Hillcrest and it was owned by the university.
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