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  1. That and the lovely aroma of cowsh*t.
  2. Attendance smack from a school with 40,000 students that can draw flies to their football games is next level smooth brain.
  3. re: Lashlee I think he's pretty far down the list. Early buzz is centering around Bob Stoops and Justin Fuente. Personally I don't see why at 61 years of age and a ton of cash in the bank that Stoops wants to deal with G5 football but who knows? He was coaching the Dallas Renegades a year ago so he's still got the fire in his belly to coach. Fuente is intriguing. Getting paid a TON by VT to walk away. Had a lot to do with TCU's success from 09-11. Won an AAC title at Memphis. Was pretty decent at VT but walking into the shadow of a legend is always tough. Something Sonny is about to find out the hard way. Tom Herman is also going to get some attention if no other reason he gave Ra'Shaad Samples his first shot as a GA and his salary is still being subsidized by UT. SMU has committed to 3-4M for a HC so if you're able to spend some additional resources on the staff and NIL that might be a better strategy. Herman's personality though will likely clash with the BMD's at SMU.
  4. Three straight years starting off 6-0 or 7-0 only to finish 4th or 5th in the AAC. Pretty much par for the course if you look at Sonny's career. He did a fantastic job of elevating the talent on the roster and beating the teams we were supposed to beat but faded down the stretch every year.
  5. I have a better chance of getting the job than Riley.
  6. lol. Big 12 is going to 16 by 2024/2025. Good luck to Sonny. He did a good job here but couldn't win in November. I'm excited about who will want to take this thing to the next level.
  7. "Thank you sir for your application. Don't call us we'll call you."
  8. I'll take a year with multiple weeks in the Top 25 and another shot at double digit wins every year. It stinks that we're losing Dykes to the Frogs but the blueprint is there for winning at SMU. Go find the next guy that wants 3.5M to live in the Park Cities and inherit a Top 40 roster.
  9. Its leaking everywhere now. lol. I think Dykes has to say something tonight or tomorrow before the game. New Scruggs just tweeted Dykes to TCU. Someone (likely at TCU) is starting to leak it out. I was told it wasn't going to really get out until after the game tomorrow but these things tend to take on a life of their own.
  10. You're wrong on Big 12 expansion but I can see Sonny's reasons for taking TCU now. Hard pill to swallow as an SMU fan but that's life in the G5. If we're truly committed to 3-4M a year for a HC and $100m plus football operations facility then we'll have plenty of quality candidates if the last two coaches at SMU both landed Power 5 gigs.
  11. Sonny was definitely a glad hander. SMU gave him a shot at resurrecting his career as a HC when no one else would. I think some of them probably feel a bit jilted right now and rightfully so. Herman has a pretty notorious reputation for being an egomaniac and control freak. It can work at places like UH where the microscope isn't on you every second of every day. Can't work (and didn't) at Texas. Maybe failure has taught him a bit about humility but I don't know if its enough. Like I said if I get the UH version of Herman I think it could be a fantastic hire. I just don't know if that guy still exists after the Texas flame out.
  12. Being a jerk to guys like Carl Sewell, David Miller, Gerald Ford, and Clark Hunt isn't going to get you very far.
  13. Well one is the greatest cover corner that has ever lived.
  14. Not necessarily among the fan base. I go back to when Sonny was hired and it was truly an out of nowhere kind of move. He was an unpaid analyst on TCU's staff after getting canned from CAL. Part of the rationale on his hiring is that he was still being paid a ton of money by CAL and was willing to take a little less up front and bet on himself that he could leverage more $$$ down the line. I've heard Bob Stoops is a name to keep an eye on. Rick Hart (SMU AD) worked at OU and knows Stoops well. I'd also keep an eye on Tom Herman for some of the same reasons cited on Dykes. Still being paid an insane amount of money by Texas and would put together a killer staff. He gave Ra'Shaad Samples his first coaching gig at Texas before being hired away by Sonny at SMU. I've heard he's a bit of a rick with a p to deal with and that might rub some of the SMU folks the wrong way but if you can give me the UH version of Tom Herman I'm all for it.
  15. Yeah I'm not expecting a great result tomorrow. Dykes hasn't handled this well. Not that there's an easy way to do it but he's been extremely cagey in interviews about whether or not him not signing the 7 year $28m extension offered a few weeks back was causing a distraction. Hate it for the kids but its a business.
  16. I've had told a few times today that Sonny is going to TCU. Its starting to leak out now but will be official on Sunday/Monday. Probably goes national during the Cincinnati game tomorrow.
  17. Totally agree. Now that we can pay players legally with NIL its a perfect fit. He can continue to land 4 star recruits in Dallas with Samples. Would absolutely love it.
  18. Yeah the thought is with NIL and Samples/Deion you could do some real damage on the recruiting trail. I don't think that is SMU's number one option but it'll be explored.
  19. Early buzz is kicking the tires on Bob Stoops. He was coaching for the Dallas Renegades last year so he may still have the fire in his belly to be a head coach again. Also hearing that SMU will at least interview Deion Sanders. He's close with Ra'Shaad Samples (SMU's ace DFW recruiter) and would certainly be a splash. Risky hire though for obvious reasons.
  20. Not related to VT (although I heard his name floated) but I got the text this morning that Sonny is headed to TCU.
  21. Please take him. lol.
  22. I'm not entirely certain but I think for certain filings they have to disclose "something". Sonny's been north of $3M since before the 2020 season.
  23. SMU, as a private institution, doesn't have to disclose coaches salary data. Its why you find stuff like Brian Kelley making $2M at ND when its more likely 5-6M. Sonny came to SMU at $2M and got a nice bump after the 10-2 season to get to $3.5M.
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